trick shot

.22Plinkster is back at it:

This video is cool, but if you’re familiar with .22Plinkster it isn’t that surprising.  It’s basically common knowledge now that whatever bizarre shooting scenario he sets up, he happens to hit it within a try or two.  It’s pretty incredible.

Thoughts?  CoNtEnT in the gun world (the type I’d talk about anyways) has been a bit slow post-SHOT, but I’m sure it will pick right back up.

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2018 is wild, man:

Yes I know it’s a qUaDcOpTeR not a drone.  I imagine that irritates the quadcopter crowd as much as the clip vs magazine things irritates the gun crowd (or just me anyways).

Trust 22Plinkster to be able to pull this off.



Further proof you should quit school or work, and practice trick shots for profit:

Meh some of those shots are impressive, most aren’t.  It would be several times more impressive if they were using something other than a SHOTGUN.

I’ve heard of these Gould Brothers before.  I don’t remember them trying to jack the “Dude Perfect” bro-style in the other videos of theirs I watched.  Could be just for this video because it was workout themed, I don’t know.

Creepy-Ass-CrackerSometimes I feel retarded for not understanding what the allure is, of some of these people and their videos.  I mentioned the 22Plinkster thing in the past; how he was able to quit his day job to make “trick shot” videos.  You can add these Gould Brothers to the list, because they are often walking billboards in their videos, and it appears they have several big name sponsors ranging from Bass Pro Shops, OTIS, and Winchester to name a few.  They do “Exhibition Shooting” according to their website.  Maybe that’s where the money is?  Their current reach on YouTube is minimal, averaging less than 1000 views per video with 10k subscribers.  Maybe the key is to sell your soul to companies like Winchester and sign an agreement that you have to shoehorn some talk about “Winchester Ammunition” into every conversation you have, and slap the logo on everything you ever have out in public with you?  Ugh, kill me now fam.



Corridor Digital did it:

Cartman-Cheesy-PoofsAlways entertaining stuff from these guys.  Dudeperfect style bro’ing out celebrations in this video.

I had no idea Battleborn was a video game until I googled it.  I forget what it was like to be a cool teen knowing stuff like that.



Bros gonna bro:

Was it purely coincidental that Demolition Ranch did his own Dude Perfect style video a few days ago?  I’m guessing yes, since these things obviously don’t happen over night plus Dude Perfect even managed to get Rainbow Six sponsorship.

Dude-Perfect-Firearm-Trick-Shots2:13 – No ENDO stickers on his gun case… very sus. :P

Ty is pretty damn good at shooting; obviously something he does regularly.  Operator AF with some of the moves too haha. I wonder if those are all his guns?


Gat tip: Zach


0:55 – Matt could have gone pro if coach would have put him in 4th quarter.  Better believe things would have been different.

Demolition-Ranch-ENDO-Selector-SwitchMeh, I watch demolition ranch because IT’S NOT Dude Perfect.  Oh well hopefully this was just a one time thing to get some of that paid sponsorship by some fantasy sports betting site money.

4:20 – hahaha I can smell that from here