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Trident Tactical Solutions no only provides stern jostle on jostle training , but they also do this.  This shit… this shit right here:

“Please take gun safety seriously & do not attempt these drills.  We perform these drills to only prove what we train.  During out training videos we have medial personnel on standby.”

So the “runner” doesn’t have rounds in his handgun… cool story bros.

“During this video the steel target was fifteen feed from the runner, 5 feet behind, and turned at 25 degrees.”

HOW ON EARTH IS THIS NECESSARY?!  Please convince me there is just no other way this could have been done without live rounds and someone being in front of the muzzle.  Additionally, is it good to be so comfortable that you’re willing to go down range breaking the 180, going in front of live fire?  These are the type of derps that keep me up at night.

From overkill556x45 in the previous jostle post on these guys:

Ok. I was done commenting, but I watched another video. “Proper Magazine Exchange”. Mr Pike shoots ” 25 degrees” offset from another instructor, a distance of about five feet by his own description. Shooting LIVE ROUNDS at his co-instructor. Nope. Just nope. There’s no reason at all to do this. None. Massive risk for no reward. You could do the 21 foot drill with your co-instructor standing 90 degrees and rushing from a safe angle. Or just spend $250 on hardware store parts and build a 21-foot drill rolling target and have zero humans at risk. I’m pretty sure I’ve seen “Tueller Drill” target schematics online for free.This is another Sonny Puziakas accident waiting to happen.

Also, at the end of the jostling video, the student’s muzzle goes 180 degrees up to the sky. What if he’d cranked off a round–or even if there’d been a slamfire and a projectile left at a 30-degree angle? What if that bullet came down in the postman, or little Timmy, or someone’s windshield. Talk about a rectal exam! I hope you’re insured. This can’t end well. The “big-boy pants” argument doesn’t fly with me for either of these drills.

haha yea that’s what I’m thinking too. *smh*

The best part is that the conclusion of the video in this post is that – Looking down (away from your target) to change your magazine causes you to lose track of the threat.  Oh yea? No shit sherlock.  Did you really need to waste ammo and endanger a life to science that one? Fuuuuuuuuuuuuuuu

Trident-Tactical-Solutions-Down-RangeI’m going to plug these guys again and say you should definitely hit up Trident Tactical Solutions if you like what you see in the video.  They will jostle you, they will serve your forward of the muzzle needs, and probably a lot of other needs you didn’t even know you had.


Gat tip: overkill556x45, no uno


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