trigger the vote

In real life it would have went like “Let me see that heater like I headshot fools ALL DAY with in cOwwa DOOdy yo!”

They should have picked a more generic name for the dad.  *smh* John Smith.

chuck-norris-002Trigger The Vote is a pro-gun NRA sponsored voter registration campaign.  Since when do gun owners like “registering” anything?  Check out the site if that interests you.  Me?  I’m sitting here like “meh” after that lack luster commercial.  At least video last year’s had Chuck Norris and humor. By the look of the website Chuck Norris is still the main dude though.



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I could have done with the first minute of the commercial… but I guess it sets up the last half for people that aren’t familiar with the gunny.

You might remember the Trigger The Vote – Chuck Norris ad from 2010.  It was quite a bit funnier than this one.

You can read more about Trigger The Vote – HERE