Bruh.  Bruhhhhhhhhhhh:




Oil and acrylic by artist Kate Kretz.

10/10 this troll hard.  Would commission her for a custom troll piece.  The gadsden tattoo and confederate flag were a nice touch as well.


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Damn.  This is some Silence Of The Lambs type shit:

Ugh this cheifaut0parts guy gives me the creeps.  I’ve posted about him here and here, when there were other creepy (one of which I see now was taken down).  Ugh even the filth of that place the video is taken in sends a chill up my spine.

mattv2099-deagle-endoDo any other YouTubers have creepy stalkers?  Tell me some stories in the comments if you know any.

Keep your doors locked, your butthole clenched tight, and your skin lotioned up Matt. *nervous LOL*


Larry be like “OH YEA DAWG, That’s what I’m talkin about”:

Larry-Vickers-Over-Lubricationhaha LAV trolls hard in this one.  If there was food involved in this it would be almost like he’s treading on Mattv2099 territory.

hahah this video was awesome, I hope he does more like it.

I think the main problem with extreme lubrication like this is that if you dropped that on the ground and kicked it around then it would be a disaster because you’d have sticky/muddy dusty mess in the gun.  If there was the proper amount of lube it wouldn’t be as extreme.

Thoughts? *Larry turns myths awwwwwwwwwwf*


*shaking my head*

Mattv2099-ENDO-Builders-ClubMattv2099 does it all in the name of science.


Jay Gibson straight tied my internet panties into a celtic knot with this one:

Troll-FaceYou crazy for this one Jay.  Oh well, keep standing down range and hoping for the best with your bosses students and see if I care.  I’ll keep blogging about it and shaking my fat head in front of the keyboard while I lick the cheeto dust off my fingers and the inside of the bag. 

Thoughts?  Anyone still think this is a perfectly reasonable practice to get a couple in front of the muzzle photographs?


Nonsense in America.  A great Moms Demand Action facebook troll page:




Moms-Against-EverythingMake sure to check out more of the funny Moms Against Everything pics, and pass them around.  I’d like to say I was surprised that there are many comments on that page from people that don’t “get” that it’s a parody.

Thoughts?  Ban EVERYTHING?

Hat tip: Dawud