“A slimline 9mm… that’s what I’ve been waiting to see (talking about the .380 Glock 42)”:


haha I bet the guys at the Glock booth heard that all day.



Lock your doors and load your weapons Mattv2099cheifaut0parts is back with another creepy mock murder video:

Mattv2099-OperatorHmmm yea that was sufficiently creepy.  *yikes*  I can’t decide if it’s more or less creepy than the previous videos these same guys made… so I’m going to go with “about the same”. *shudder*

If Mattv2099 gets murdered by these weirdos, I just hope he knows how much his e-friendship meant to me.



Mattv2099 gets dynamic and high speed low drag:


Those tenifer atoms in the Glock slide are something else!

If you didn’t realize it, this was some taofledermaus trolling… that guy is always with the science that blows my mind.



Remember Leonard Embody?  Well he’s trying to teach the police lessons again:

On 7-29-13 I decided to pass out leaflets in downtown Nashville. I openly carried a molded kydex rifle case on my back with a ballistic vest. I purchased the ballistic vest because Tennessee cops have repeatedly pointed guns at me. It would be foolish not to wear a ballistic vest. I was detained once for about 20 minutes and let go. I then proceeded to do an interview with news channel 5. I then continued to pass out leaflets and was walking back to my vehicle when I was stopped by a crazy cop. He detained me, while his henchmen removed my sealed locked rifle case and pried it open without permission. They saw a suppressor attached to an AR15 rifle inside the case. I was arrested for the silencer even though form 3 paperwork was inside the case. I am an FFL NFA dealer and pay the SOT. The cops said that since the case appeared to maybe have a rifle in it they were justified in opening it. I was arrested and bonded out at about 5am on 7-30-13.

I have broke no law and believe the DA has not dropped the charges for fear of a federal lawsuit.

He’s got balls, I’ll give him that.  I’m on his side as far as “the law is the law” goes, and I hate guilty until proven innocent type things like this involving the police.  I really don’t know what he expects to get out of these little demonstrations?  Has any police officer ever got fired yet after any interaction with him? Doubtful.  Have the laws changed for the better because of gun related trolls like him?  Definitely not.  Does he have the power to change laws with demonstrations like this?  Again, that’s doubtful.  In the end it seems like the focus of these demonstrations is really to get shot (and obviously live), or troll hard enough to corner an officer into doing or saying something he shouldn’t, sue and then cash in. That’s what may have happened here.

LOL this is the rifle “case” he made from scratch using a vacuum forming machine it looks like he may have built for the purpose:

Troll-FaceThat’s next level open carry trolling when you go out of your way to even make your case form fit your rifle.

This all seems like a real waste of everyone’s time, including Leonard’s own.

I rolled my eyes when I saw this article on the incident called him an activist. haha



23 year old Mark Hoffman from Wisconsin got GOT:


Police say they arrested a 23-year-old Somerset man after he was spotted openly carrying two firearms within 1,000 feet of Somerset Middle School.

Full Story – CBS

When police questioned the man about his intentions, the man refused to give them any information, insisted that he was within his rights and refused to identify himself, police said.

Fair enough.  I’m not a fan of the whole “fishing for info” thing if he truly didn’t HAVE to give them anything.  That said… if he was willing to cooperate he MAY not have been arrested for obstructing an officer and disorderly conduct.  Definitely a slippery slope though.

The original location reported was within 1,000 feet of the school where weapons are not permitted unless the person carrying the weapon falls under an exception made in the statute, but the man made it impossible to determine if he fell under an exception, according to police.

According to the article the actual arrest was made at Oak Street and Sunrise Dr which google maps shows to be a 10 minute walk.   Where the heck was he coming from?  I hope to god he wasn’t stupid enough to walk down Spartan Drive considering there are three schools right along that road.  My guess is he lives in that cluster of houses across from the school.  Is that one of the “exceptions made in the statue”… if you LIVE within XXXX ft. those laws don’t apply?  I’m sure one of you guys knows.

Troll-FaceIt’s so crucial to troll smarter, not harder.  At the very least he should have had his laser range finder out, and lase’d the school to make sure he was 1001.5 ft away from it… all while he had several video cameras recording and GPS tracking and logging his position.  THAT’S HOW YOU TROLL SMARTER.

I may or may not have went to a Jack Johnson concert really close to there at Apple River in Somerset WI with my sister about a decade ago. *shifty eyes*



Top hunting handgun of 2013? Pffft did you even have to ask, it’s the Deagle brand Deagle of course:


Source – because I shit you not this is actually real.

hahha epic.  Bravo Field & Stream… bravo *slow clap*.  Nothing says hunting like a shiny gold tiger striped handgun chambered in .50AE weighing in at around 4.3 lbs.

Thoughts?  Are any of you picking one of these up for deer season or what?

Hat tip: David