ahahhaha this is too much:

0:46 – I knew it was only going to be a matter of time before he asked for an extendo. ūüíÄūüėā

I was hoping the whole 10 minutes of the video was going to be gun store trolling, but it’s a different not gun related format after that segment ends.

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I don’t know why this was necessary, but he DONE DID IT haha:

Wow there’s a lot of shots being fired at what seems like Chris Costa. ¬†Did Costa talk shit about Clint? ¬†If so, get me up to speed… what did he say? ¬†Man I love gun community drama so much.

Here’s why I think he’s talking about Costa. ¬†1) We know Costa shook his lil tush on the catwalk in Japan and played airsoft there with the locals 2) Costa has an expensive german shepherd (vid with him and the dog here¬†and embedded below), and post on ARFCOM here. ¬†LOL according to the post¬†he flies with it (as a service dog) because he can’t fly with a gun. ¬†Classic… one guy even called Costa¬†a “special little snowflake” and another said he thought Costa was an “internet hoax” ¬†ahahha I’m deceased.

Costa’s dog is pretty badass, regardless what it cost. ¬†(2:00 in video) That’s pretty cute that Costa runs Costa Lupus with his wife. ¬†Goals tbh.

2:45 – Is Costa ever not in operator mode?

Thoughts? Clint’s generation definitely isn’t used to getting trolled.


I feel it’s my duty to post anything rap related which has guns in it:

0:03 – SHOTS FIRED at other rappers right out the gate

0:11 – OOoooo that Huracan tho…

Hopsin-No-WordsLOL ok the rest of the video is priceless… he sounds like Future, he’s got the Future flow in this, but the Lil Wayne look down and even trolled on the lean cup stack. ¬†Normally I don’t pay much attention to Hopsin,¬†SHIT WAS HARD tho bruh. ¬†Thoughts?

Gat tip: Spencer, Dawud


I’m speechless. ¬†These videos were described to me with “It’s like Gecko 45 went on vacation and had love child to carry on his traditions”:

Amateur would be a very nice way to describe this:

It always warms my heart when I see the “I’m pretending to look at my surroundings but am really just moving my head” scan has reached all across¬†the world. ¬†I’d classify these guys as “terrible actors” rather¬†than skilled instructors. ¬†This is the shit we’d see in movies and tv shows and shake our head at.

This is all a typical example of pretending to be an authority on something just because you have some gear and self confidence. ¬†You’ll see in the 2nd video there’s probably 100 guys watching and learning that bullshit.

The icing on the cake for all this is that the website looks like one of those scams where you pay money to get access to “members only info”. ¬†LEARN RCI TACTICAL COURSES ONLINE TODAY haha yea because that will work. ¬†I read a few books on Navy SEALs, so I’m basically a Navy SEAL right?

Luke-Holloway-Raw-Combat-InternationalIf you’re looking for a good laugh today check out the Raw Combat International website, and more videos on their YouTube channel. ¬†The main guy and founder¬†Luke Holloway is really something else. ¬†It’s like he knows he’s trolling, but he’s trolling so good he actually trolls himself. ¬†Trollception. ¬†He’s just chugging gallons and gallons of his own Kool-Aid in every video too, it’s amazing to witness.

Would Opera….. uh haha never mind. ¬†Thoughts?

Gat tip: no uno



VSO Gun Channel follows in the footsteps of Mattv2099:

This was high level trollturing. ¬†VSO carried on the tradition well. ¬†It’s not really that much of a surprise to me that the AR-15 failed how it did. ¬†I was actually kind of surprised it functioned pretty much flawlessly besides the initial hammer drops.

Vigiland-Spectre-ENDOMattv2099’s original AK-47 trollture test can be found here.

It still blows my mind how much Vigilant Spectre turned their disaster-bound group¬†around. ¬†Those dudes are not getting all types of industry work and their safety is now top notch. ¬†Spectre’s beard even is operator thick, I’m jealous of it. ¬†I’m glad to see them thrive.

If you like the shirts in the video, Matt is wearing the Deagle t-shirt, and Vigilant Spectre is wearing the Guns And Coffee operator t-shirt from yours truly.



Master firearms troll Leonardy Embody still thinks he’s doing the lord’s work:


For some reason I couldn’t embed the video, but you can view it here.

Troll-FaceROFL open carry trolling a school with a suppressed AR-15 rifle and a bulletproof vest… I’ll give him an A+ for effort on that one. ¬†I’m still not entirely convinced that Bloomberg (or someone similar) isn’t paying this guys bills and legal expenses just go he can continue to get on the news constantly for “scaring” people.

I’ve posted about Embody¬†(kwikrnu as he is known on various internet forums) quite a bit on the blog. ¬†I never even talked about all his “incidents” either. When Leonard started doing this shit he looked a lot younger. The stress of open carry conflict aged him.

I don’t know what he expects to happen, do you? ¬†Is he thinking he’s going to be the cause of some groundbreaking gun rights tide shift and hailed as a hero and praised in¬†history books?