If this is all you have to do to get 6.5 Million YouTube views, I really should start making videos:

hahah the best was the traffic cam one.  I didn’t even realize what was going on at first.

Police-SHTF-SHTU-underwearIn general I though most of his “bits” could have been funnier.  As soon as I realized the humor was foreign my expectations were low, because I find in general people laugh at different things when the culture is so different.  The British version of “The Office” is a perfect example.



Someone please verify the authenticity of this ad, and put the link in the comments:


The above picture was posted on TheFirearmBlog recently.  No link to the source, and when I looked at some of Glock’s blogs and social media pages I don’t find any mention of it.

These are the reasons I think the picture is fake:

  1. The comparison of size to a Zippo lighter is weak.  Why would Glock do that?  I think they have a better marketing department than that.
  2. The Zippo lighter looks like a shitty low effort image pulled off google… I tried to look for the matching pic but couldn’t find it
  3. Has Glock ever used PROVEN in their ads before?  I don’t remember seeing it.  Plus, if the gun is new, why would you put PROVEN in the ad?
  4. People love starting SHOT show rumors.  “OMG Becky, I heard this year Glock is coming out with a rifle!  OMG Trisha I heard a single stack 9mm.  Lets go get bikini waxes and discuss the merits of 9mm over .45, and what finish of Deagle Brand Deagles we want to get our boyfriends for Christmas.”  Yea it’s like that.



I thought TMHonfire102 lost his edge… he can still troll though apparently:

Troll-FaceHmmmm, yea that was disturbing.



Mattv2099 bakes his own pumpkin pies, even though Costco has massive ones for $5.  Much respect due.

0:00 – LOL dat autotune.  Good to have it back.  He really T-Pain’d that shit… I repeated it a few times just for the Lulz.

0:08 – Going full ENDO, with the New York Reload hat (on sale for $30) + the Liberator pistol builders club t-shirt.  No doubt there was a gang of girls there with him too.

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelThere you have it… AK-47s will operate just fine in pumpkin pie operations.



Mattv2099 gets dynamic and high speed low drag:


Those tenifer atoms in the Glock slide are something else!

If you didn’t realize it, this was some taofledermaus trolling… that guy is always with the science that blows my mind.



Mattv2099 figures giving the guy exposure, is the best course of action:

If you already watched the post I initially did on this: “When Trolling A Troll Goes Disturbingly Too Far” you would have already seen the full videos stitched together in the above video.  Disturbing stuff to say the least.  The originals in the linked post are actually even more disturbing because of the background music and extra footage taken out of Matt’s edited video.

I subscribed to cheifaut0parts‘ YouTube channel waiting to see what he would come up with next to troll Matt.  Recently this “Hot Sauce Matt” video was put up:


It’s disturbing as well just because of the creepy camera work, jorts, gas mask, creepy gold mask, OD colored onesie, and requisite Mattv2099 murder trolling.  Not quite as disturbing as the first videos that had a rapey vibe, but I have confidence that unfortunately this is just the tip of the iceberg for what cheifaut0parts has planned.

I don’t know… I just get the creeps when I watch these videos.  Like the feeling that they will be on CNN someday, or played in court or something.

Stay alive Matt… keep those high capacity assault clips on the ready just in case cheifaut0parts wants to try and make a tactical suit out of your skin someday.