Reading mean hater comments:

Mattv2099-ENDO-HatOh man these are too good.  So many people just don’t “get” the trollture, or the jokes.  A few of those comments were obvious bait for this video, but most people you could tell were genuinely mad.


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Mattv2099 back at it again:

Mattv2099-Big-League-Chew-Glockhaha this is nasty.  I really wish the videos weren’t so long, but at least his commentary is funny.  My second favorite thing about Mattv2099 is how much people get pissed off at his very existence.

If there’s one thing I’ve also learned, is you have to read the comments on his videos for some additional laughs.  A lot of the people who comment are seemingly “cool teens”, foreigners, or a combination of both.


Battle wear without the battle.  This thing teaks a beating:

Keanu-WoahWHOAAAA EXTREEEEEEEME. :P Come for the trollture tests… stay for the dramatic music.

Some of these tests were impressive, and others.. meh.  If it wasn’t a bolt action I’d be more impressed.

I’m actually the most impressed that the U.S. Optics scope lasted through all that.  I guess the price tag is worth it.

5:34 – hahah *smh*.  I’ve seen deer and various other wildlife at the range before too.  Just have to laugh.

6:22 – “minor field repair”  LOL dead.

The components list is at the end of the video.  The company who built this rifle and did the video goes by APA Precision Firearms.

Thoughts?  Wouldn’t operate without?

Gat tip: no uno


TheAKguy takes a blowtorch to it:

haha definitely worth another hole in the ozone layer :P.

ak-47-t-shirt-endo-ak-guyIf you like seeing stuff melt, someone melted a Glock magazine a while back too which unsurprisingly yielded similar results.  For some reason though this AK-74 magazine definitely seemed drier… like it didn’t want to actually melt as much as just break into pieces and smolder.  Interrrrrrrdasting.

The AK Guy is wearing the AK-47 t-shirt I painstakingly hand painted.  Well I painted the original design, but not every shirt.



VSO Gun Channel follows in the footsteps of Mattv2099:

This was high level trollturing.  VSO carried on the tradition well.  It’s not really that much of a surprise to me that the AR-15 failed how it did.  I was actually kind of surprised it functioned pretty much flawlessly besides the initial hammer drops.

Vigiland-Spectre-ENDOMattv2099’s original AK-47 trollture test can be found here.

It still blows my mind how much Vigilant Spectre turned their disaster-bound group around.  Those dudes are not getting all types of industry work and their safety is now top notch.  Spectre’s beard even is operator thick, I’m jealous of it.  I’m glad to see them thrive.

If you like the shirts in the video, Matt is wearing the Deagle t-shirt, and Vigilant Spectre is wearing the Guns And Coffee operator t-shirt from yours truly.



$79, but actually priceless in the amount of trolling this will be used for:

“Popularized by it’s sleek lines, devastatingly handsome looks, and popularity in the gangsta community.” -Mattv2099

2:45 – Ahahhah WD-40 *slow clap*

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelSo much science in the above video, I can’t even.

Thoughts?  Are you looking forward to the Hi-Point trolling as a break from the standard Glock trollture?