Mattv2099’s old faithful G17:

Mattv2099-Standard-301:35 – I hope he turns this “Scuzzy Skeeter” into a full blow Demolition Ranch style character.  He definitely needs to be very controversial with it too… Can’t do the gay thing because Demolition Ranch’s Creepy Cooter is already gay.  Scuzzy Skeeter is going to have to be a feminist tranny with anger management issues at the very least.  I have no idea what that character sounds like at the moment, but I bet she’s fierce.

3:50 – “The takedown levers are completely full of chocolate”  LOL then he rapid fires in order to melt the chocolate so he can field strip the gun.  That’s too legit.  I can’t even.

Holy and he’s at 111,413 subscribers now!  Amazing.  I see a million without breaking a sweat within 5 years.  Next stop, Glock sponsorship with private jet privileges.   YOU TUBE MONEY SON *Brrrrrrrrap brraaaaaap sound of clips being dumped*



Matt put together a compilation video of fails:

Mattv2099-ENDOAll I have to say is *dat reservoir tip* at 2:18 (drops mic)

Good stuff.  I get a kick out of the LIFE IS SERIOUS BUSINESS guys who hate Matt.  Even Matt himself agrees the videos are “stupid”, but it’s done for entertainment… he’s not trying to cure cancer.



hahah Mattv2099 doing his thang:

Mattv2099-ENDOThis vid is crucial.  Matt knows that the NSA can’t get signals from the Glock’s internal GPS and round count transmitter if he does this.  Gotta stay woke.  The transmitter thing was a joke, cool it.  I know that Glock people follow this blog and I don’t want to start any rumors.  Shit would be on the cover of the New York Times Monday morning, citing me as the source.  I’d get a request for a photo and I’d just send them a pic of me with a Mattv2099-esque tinfoil hat, sitting in my underwear pouring cheetos into my mouth out of the Glock’s magwell.  There would be a whole scandal after that where they’d have to redact the story (like they have to do often) and they would look like idiots.



Mattv2099 with the most request trollture test of all time:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-Apparelhahah this guy.  What a disaster that the pumpkin pie test ate the finish off his AK like that.

I think it goes without saying that JB weld would flat out wreck any gun you tried this on, buy doing what it’s supposed to do and welding the parts together.  I’m not surprised he doesn’t want to try that one.



Mattv2099 with some fall trollture:

Pumpkin-Pie-Glock-TrolltureShout out to Libby’s for the illest pumpkin pie mix.  I used to make mean scones with that back when I lived at my parents place.  Oh shit I slipped up… my ENDO persona relied on me being a permanent parent’s basement dweller, the empire will now crumble much like delicious pie crust in the video.

The creepy factor shot up 1000% in this one because he didn’t even say a word until three and a half minutes in, after he spiked the glock into the pie like a boss.



Mattv2099 has done the AK-47 and an RHMB with Dr. Wackos Silly Sludge… now the Glock:

Mattv2099-Run-Guns-ENDO-ApparelLooks like troll snot. The best part was when he put the barrel in.  Unsurprisingly the Glock functioned flawlessly.