If there was a doomsday clock, but for cringe, it would have hit midnight a long time ago and the hands already working on their 10th lap.

Smh.  Thoughts?

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I think it’s great these black women are buying guns, but are “white hate groups” really killing or hurting black people at alarming rates now?  We went over this recently on the blog, but it seems to be overwhelmingly black on black violence.  Could this change? Sure it could, always good to be prepared either way.  Better to have one and not need it, than need one and not have it as they say.

This video is similar to the Black Women’s Defense League video I posted a few days ago by VICE.



This tool:

Man I can barely watch the news… they wasted 2 minutes and 22 seconds on something that could have taken 15 seconds max, and actually isn’t even really newsworthy.

Looks like Payal Modi might be out of a job after this “investigation”.

Thoughts?  Do you think she should still have her job even though it was supposed to be a “joke”?


Ugh Cabot Guns the Gucci gun manufacturer is back at it:

It didn’t initially occur to me that 45th president / .45 caliber would be a marketing “thing”.  I’ve seen it a few places now, so I guess that’s something we’ll just have to strap in and endure for at least one presidential term.

Knowing the derpyness of the gun industry, I’m assuming for the next president some neckbeard company will make a .46 and that will be the new (but beaten to death) joke.

I don’t give a shit if Cabot’s next 1911 is CNC’d from a unicorn’s horn, I just won’t be impressed.  Don’t worry guys, my pessimism and unimpressable attitude will be going strong in 2017 as well.  That said, I really hope 2017 brings more innovation that 2016 did… I’m so tired of new 1911 makers and companies coming out with AR-15s and shitccessories for them.

Thoughts?  Any guesses if there will be (or maybe one is already in progress?) some sort of thirsty campaign to get trump to hold / shoot this thing?


Leeland-Yee-De-Leon-Ghost-Gun-PalsRegardless of his stance on guns, the shit is hilarious. Watch it. The gun control talk starts at 1:19 if you want to skip there.

Thoughts?  Do you find gun control jokes not even funny? haha


This was pretty cool:

Is a celebrity real estate developer a good pick to run the country?  I don’t really know Trump beyond “The Apprentice”, so my opinion doesn’t mean much.  I have to say though when he shut that reporter down I was like:

I picture Trump owning a lot of gold Deagles and gold 1911s. Probably has a gold AK-47 Saddam Hussein style too.

Hope you guys are having a killer weekend.