try guys

These are the “Try Guys” from Buzz Feed.  See their trip to the range:

I’m not saying that liking guns is a true test of masculinity or being straight / gay… but if you let all 4 of those guys talk for 30 seconds on any topic, I guarantee I could have told you who would either like or tolerate guns (that one guy who said he shot at his bachelor party) because he is the only one that didn’t seem like a scared-of-life little bitch.


2:16 – Jeeze, finger off the trigger guys.  No wonder ranges are all shot to hell.   That was bad, and could have been worse.

4:03 – So the “takeaway” for that one guy was – You play golf at a golf course… you shoot guns at a gun range.  *smh* whatever bro.

4:12 – Asian guy admits he’s trying to compensate for something.

The-Try-Guys4:17 – Alright this guy gets it… guns are fun.  He’s not a killer now or anything, he’s just a guy that knows that pulling a trigger and experiencing it all is fun.

4:21 – “It changed me.  I don’t think I’m as pro-gun as I used to be” <—- WHATTTTT?  Well that’s an unexpected twist.  Then he goes on to say “An accident is bound to happen”


Gat tip: Brian, bgerk