This made me go “hehe”:

I’m just glad 5.11 can do cute little videos like this and not take themselves too seriously.  Maybe I’m the only one that finds this type of marketing a bit refreshing though?  Most other gun related brands keep trying to convince me what an ALPHA SHEEPDOG I’ll be if I buy their products, and it gets exhausting *cough Springfield Armory* *cough Sig Sauer*.


Products currently haunting my dreams:
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0:47 – LOL WHUT?  Ok this backwards shit is dumb… This is instilling a lot of confidence that the rest of the video is about to get even more retarded.

0:53 – Yep… Backflips, take a knee, then engage balloon targets.  *SMH*

Snore after that for a while… we just see the dude shooting a bunch of guns for a few seconds at a time.

2:21 – Awwwwww yeah those multiple camera angles tho

2:31 – Bent over and between the legs… sure why not

2:43 – OOOO that engagement then forward ROLL!  hahahhahhaha


Sarsilmaz-Turkey-Tactical-Shooting3:30 – Yea that doesn’t look uncomfortable at all… single point sling-having-ass… *smfh* step up your game.

Who knew Turkey was so tactical?  This is almost Israeli status!  Thoughts?

Sarsilmaz is a firearms manufacturer based in Turkey if any of you care.  Their firearms aren’t very easy on the eyes.  The might work well though *shrug* I don’t know.

Gat tip: Dan


Silencerco lays out the scenario real smooth like:

Silencerco-Tramp-Stamp-LogoOOooooooo that opening guitar!

Nothing really much else to say about this video.  That Salvo 12 looks pretty sweet on the shotguns with extended tubes, more so than in does on traditional hunting shotguns IMO.  Either way just aesthetics though, what matters is that it works awesome.


If you can’t whiz rounds past your friend’s heads and bodies, are they even real friends?

turkish-flagDamn did you see that in video #2? the whole squad is down.  Now that’s trust.  Low key, I actually kind of envy these guys.

Dudes are gonna mess around over there and start a Turkish Tactical Response, with those down range body-skills.  Your responsibility to defend the country against Syria, never ends.

Gat tip: Tommy


A lot of energy in this round:

Qusay-Hussein-BreakdancingThanks god Jerry invested in an actual high speed camera.  There’s nothing worse than YouTubers that label something high speed, and then you watch the video and are like “Oh wonderful, you just took the video off your *insert random consumer brand/model camera here* and slowed it down 1000x *slow clap*”.  It’s amazing how many established YouTubers continue to do that.



The freddiew way, with explosives:

Or like some other guys, with thermite: