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You’re probably sitting at your desk like a chump thinking stupid shit like “But he operates, and I don’t”,   “He wears makeup on camera”.  Do me a favor and straight up slap yourself.  Let me put you on to a little secret I found out about a few days ago.  Part of the strategy of Travis’ company Haley Strategic is man maintenance through specially formulated skincare products.  Don’t even say “That’s gay”, because I assure you it’s not.  While Travis will continue dropping Zoolander-worthy 1000 yard stares while aging gracefully well into his 60s still making teenage girls swoon, some of you guys that decided to not wear sunscreen your entire lives, and save money by washing your face with bullshit generic bar soap will look 3x your age and probably get the cops called on you when you’re within 100 yards of a school.  Do the world a favor and be more like Travis.

Turo-SkinI haven’t used anything by Turo Skin (yet), but judging by their website guys that are active and have good hair use it, so I’m sure it’s legit.

Zoolander-Travis-HaleyI give Chris Costa and apparently now Travis Haley a rough time about jumping sharks… but let it be known that even though I haven’t met either of them, they are among my favorite people in the industry.

Hat tip: Kevin


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