Dugan Ashley from CarnikCon with some info that will save your life:

Carnik-Con-Dugan-Ashley-ENDOFiled under instant classic!  I love the effort put into the vintage video look too.

5:29 – LOL hosing the backup, then planting a dual wield on him.

I could quote and laugh at other portions of the video, but as with all CarnikCon vids, you’re better off watching it unspoiled.



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First up, Aiming.  In the screenshot of the video she’s saying “Sorry I can’t hear you over the sound of how hot I am”:

This one is on eye relief:

In case you didn’t already know Kirsten Weiss is kinda a big deal.  Check the Lapua Team USA website for her accomplishments. I wonder if she rolls with Amanda Furrer?

There are definitely some “prone” jokes and other shooting related double entendres I could drop if I didn’t have tact.  I won’t go there though, because ENDO is a place of class; where I sip beverages with pinky finger extended, listen to carefully curated vintage rap playlists, and spend my Friday’s laughing at shooting club herbs who wear sport coats made from tweed that isn’t by Harris.

Kirsten-Weiss-ShootingKirsten, holla at your boy. ;)

Again, I can’t wait to hear all the comments like “WOULDN’T” , “EW, 2nd knuckle on her left hand has a small scar on it”.  Oh internet…



Fake reCaptcha – Photoshop Tutorial For Trolling:

  1. Take screenshot of the reCaptcha you are trying to troll (even type your troll words underneath before hand, for authenticity).
  2. Paste it into Photoshop, zoom in on the reCaptcha and delete it or color over it with white
  3. Select the type tool and change the font to “Times New Roman”, and change the style to “Bold”
  4. Type your trolling word(s) then use Warp Text (Layer –> Type –>Warp Text)  to give a distorted look.  I like the style “twist”.
  5. Flatten the image (Layer –> Flatten Image)
  6. Add a slight blur to the text.  I prefer Gaussian (Filter –> Blur – Gaussian) or Motion blur.
  7. Apply the Photocopy filter (Filter –> Sketch –> Photocopy) and even the “Graphic Pen” filter (and blur slightly for effect), Basically just fool around with the settings until you get it how you want.  You can use other filters and combinations of filters to achieve similar effects.
  8. reCaptcha troll word(s) complete.

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You’ve seen it in movies such as:

Taxi Driver:


Alien Resurrection:

And many more…

I should have known that people would build their own!

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