What a waste of everyone’s time harassing gun owners for things like this:

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Under Texas law, open carrying a rifle is not illegal as long as the gun is not loaded.  Gun owners can still be charged with disorderly conduct if anyone feels threatened at any point during a demonstration. In other words, if anyone around you is uncomfortable with firearms, you could technically be charged with a crime.

Oh a woman claimed she was “freaked out” by the display of weapons?  The person who took the call at the police station should have taken it as an opportunity to educate the woman and suggest maybe a move to the North Pole where she likely wouldn’t have to deal with harmless armed gun nerds casually drinking Frappuccinos at Starbucks.

Chief-WiggumYea we all know that open carry is mainly a “HEY EVERYONE LOOK AT ME AND MY GUN AND HOW WHAT I’M DOING IS PERFECTLY LEGAL” type of thing, but if it’s legal it’s legal… I don’t see why as a society we continue to pander to retards who get freaked out by things that are legal and in turn tie up police and ruin people’s days.



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I find I go through PeopleOfWalmart for a couple minutes every few months.  Was doing some browsing there today and came across this:

Sometimes you have to go deep undercover. How do you think the queen of all homemakers Martha Stewart got caught?

Location: Texas


This off duty Texas police officer is rocking what appears to be the full set of Bianchi basket weave Leather.  I am making the assumption she is an off duty police officer because as some of you may or may not know, open carry of handguns is highly restricted in Texas, meaning that unless you are are law enforcement, no dice.

What’s Awesome:

  • Her choice of sidearm is a Glock
  • She is a open carrying
  • She is a woman exercising her rights

What could use work:

  • I’m not feeling the outfit as a whole
  • Open carry rig not even attached to pants through any belt loops
  • Slippers in WalMart? NASTY!.. I Hope she takes those off before she enters her home

It’s nice to see the comments on PeopleOfWalmart are actually quite positive towards open carry.  Most of the other comments on this picture are just down right hilarious!

Here are some of my favorite funny comments:

  • She’s obviously not a member of the fashion police. (EAGLE EYE)
  • I guess the answer to the question, “does this outfit make me look fat,” is a most definite “no!” (KINGREG)
  • She should have gone with a powder blue holster, black is way too formal for sweats. (DEMIDAN)

Source: People of Walmart – HERE


The book was published in 1909, so maybe chicken winging was embraced back then?

This police officer from Marble Falls, TX must have studied a copy of the book as part of her training.

Since the detachable box magazine was not widely used back in 1909, I’m sure the tip on putting your magazine in backwards was picked up by the officer from another source. :lol:

Suggestions to Military Riflemen is available at Amazon, but unfortunately it appears to come with a generic cover.  Hopefully there is plenty of chicken wingin’ goodness inside to make up for it.