tyler the creator

A military themed rap vid from one of my favorite controversial new groups OFWGKTA:

OFWGKTA is an acronym meaning Odd Future Wolf Gang Kill Them All.  As you can tell from the lyrics and the video, these guys really push the envelope.  The flow is nice though so I listen to their stuff.  I have to say I hate their clothing line.  I know it’s shitty on purpose, but I really don’t like that; the kids seem to eat it up though.

OH SHIT gold deagle alert @ 3:15 !!!!

Mosin Nagant owners rejoice @ 3:58… and they even go inna woods hahaha.

What aspect ratio is that video filmed in?  I like it…

Thoughts?  Are you down with OFWGKTA like I am? (P.S. Buy their newest album :P)

Hat tip: Raeshawn