Yawn… this should get some attention / spark outrage:


We seek to ensure that everyone using the Uber digital platform—both driver-partners and riders—feels safe and comfortable using the service. During a ride arranged through the Uber platform, Uber and its affiliates therefore prohibit possessing firearms of any kind in a vehicle. Any rider or driver found to have violated this prohibition may lose access to the Uber platform.

Source – UBER

As the saying goes though “Concealed is concealed” amirite guys? ;)

uber-logoHow many crimes do you think this will prevent?  I’m sure criminals are very into reading the “terms of service” and making sure none of their actions are in violation of even the smallest detail.  Warms my heart… what a good bunch of people criminals are.  Also, besides the obvious crime this will prevent, it will also insure the “feelings of safety and comfort” for both driver-partners and riders are preserved.  Wow how nice.  I wonder if they will start prohibiting other things that may make some drivers uncomfortable?  Maybe they should really piss everyone off and enforce some illegal bans on non heterosexual people (that would go over well)… maybe even they could even more old timey and ban skirts above the knee and low cut tops?  Don’t forget turbans and any other sort of religious clothing… because that tends to make some people uncomfortable too.  Gotta cover all the bases right Uber? *smh* I can’t believe companies still try and pull this shit in 2015 for what they think is the greater good.  Someone should show them some statistics.