A response to their knife problem in London:

1:30 – “If they can’t buy them they’re going to make them no matter what anyway.” Yea no kidding.¬† Taking a flat piece of something hard, and rubbing against something that’s abrasive and harder doesn’t exactly take a genius, nor does it require any tools unless they want to get fancy.

2:48 – “BRO” is right ūü§£.¬† Looks like something from Anime.

Thoughts?  Obviously a lot of parallels between this war on knives in the UK and gun control in the US.  Both seem incredibly futile  for the same reason.. because they focus on the knife/gun, not the root of the issue which is the human component.

This has all been going on for quite some time now.. I’m reminded of a post I did way back in 2009 about UK Knife Surrender bins.

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Against a UK knife attack specifically in this video. ¬†I don’t know whether to cry or LOL:

I’m assuming “pretending” your toy gun is real, all while having a realistic looking toy gun is not going to do you any favors when it comes to staying out of Jail. ¬†“But.. but… officer I was carrying around this realistic looking handgun just in case some guy with a knife tried to attack me!”… Something tells me that wouldn’t go over well.

Legal ramifications aside.. how sad is it that there is nothing people in the UK can protect themselves with there besides a phone call to the police? ¬†I wonder if you could carry a baseball glove and bat around all the time with you and operate under the guise of “Just ALWAYS going to baseball practice officer” haha that might work but you’d definitely need the glove to look the part.


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Graphic designers… always mind your tailpipes:

hahah how unfortunate.

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The same story which I based one of my shirt designs on:

The design i’m referring to of course is the Keep Calm And Carry One t-shirt. ¬† Pretty neat history to the original poster. ¬†I’m always surprised to hear 2.5M posters were printed at the¬†beginning¬†of WWII, and yet none surfaced until the year 2000. ¬†I suppose paper is pretty fragile for long term storage if the conditions are not ideal. ¬† I’m just waiting for a huge stockpile to be found someday so I can pick up an original to hang on the wall.


Made by some kids at the University of Nottingham in the UK:

Pretty risky move in the UK.  Observe at 1:47 when the crazed smoke ring gunman lets loose.

I purpose filling the box with a mixture of concentrated cigarette smoke and farts, and essentially firing cancer and stink directly at enemy lungs.

The University of Nottingham is in the hometown of Heckler & Koch.  If HK made a smoke ring vortex cannon they would only sell it to law enforcement for copious amounts of money, and scoff at the civilian market worldwide.

You can check out this bigger, more grown up version of the Cannon¬†with a guy that’s just a bit more excited than he should be.


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and attempt to drive them out of their home town with witty Robin Hood references:

Lots more pictures and info over at the artist/poster bomber’s website – HERE

Probably one of the best songs from a disney movie. ¬†I immediately grabbed my guitar and looked up the tab before posting this… classic stuff.

I guess the tables turned on HK, civilians are normally used to being on the receiving end of hate from that company. :P