Fear mongering, or is this really going down on the 27th?  I talked about the treaty a while back but didn’t hear anything about it since.


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This is the first, and hopefully last I’ll ever hear about this:

I don’t keep my ear to the domestic gun law streets (much less the international ones), so I didn’t even know this was on the horizon until Ryan emailed me.  I don’t like the idea of some international body dictating laws in any country.   This particular treaty really bothers me obviously.

Looks like there’s been some talk of this since about 2009, but is outlined nicely in this June article in Forbes magazine.   All the fun stuff such as confiscations, international registrys, bureaucratic red tape etc… it’s a good article to get your blood boiling.


Hat tip: Ryan H.


Edmonton, Alberta – Two Edmonton artists are shocked that part of their internationally renowned work, The Gun Sculpture, was subject to censorship at a United Nations exhibition in Vienna this summer after pressure from the Chinese delegation.

The 4.5-tonne sculpture, welded together from deactivated guns, landmines and ammunition, has been shown in many countries, including at UN headquarters in New York in 2001, and has never run into problems, said artist Sandra Bromley, who built the sculpture with Wallis Kendal.

And cue the deep “purpose” statement…. now:

The sculpture — which includes 7,000 small arms, all of which were used in conflicts around the world — is a statement about the history of guns. The victims’ photos are designed to “reflect the impact of guns, the human loss,” she said.

Actually the meaning of this does make a lot more sense than lots of the meanings that artists normally have.

Full Story – HERE

Looks like the Borg cube, but with guns! I need to get some large scale gun art such as that for decoration.

Lots more pictures and info at GunSculpture.com

Sandra Bromley (the artist) website – HERE


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