This guy is no doubt trying to impress a girl:

If you’ve ever seen video of a gun fired underwater before, this video is very anticlimactic.  The science behind it is in a video here if you’re interested.

Looks like a SIG 550.  Beautiful footage of the escaping gasses and the bullet slicing through the water before the water was like “NUNNNH UNH GURL”.

Andreas-Wall-Underwater-Gun-Shot0:52 – Fake relief, and the crowd goes wild he’s still alive.  What a feat! *eye roll*

haha no matter what music is in a YouTube video, even if it’s unspectacular someone in the comments is always like “anyone know the name of the song at _____?”.  This video is no exception.  Some girl was asking about the music starting at 0:54 haha like it’s that amazing or something.

Don’t try this at home with your harpoon gun or 20mm Anzio. Thoughts?

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Richard Ryan does it for science and Shark Week:

The always interesting behind the scenes:

Yea I know about physics, but I still love how water takes a fired bullet and is like “Uh.. NO”…. slows it right down, and hits the bottom of the pool.

I say it all the time, but Richard Ryan knows his way around a slow motion camera that’s for sure.  A few times he references another slow motion underwater shooting video his friend made which I posted a few weeks ago which you should check out if you already haven’t.

I’m trying to figure out how someone in California can stay that white!  I thought I was white, but Richard’s lack of a tan in the pool footage makes me look like Wesley Snipes.  haha and I wear sunscreen too!  SPF 60 on the head and neck area, and SPF 30 on my arms and legs when I’m outside.  I even smell like all beachy like a girl… yea it’s a side effect which caught me off guard at first but now I just embrace it.  I’m old and I have a girlfriend (my not-so-humble-glad-not-forever-alone brag #Jessica #<3), why should I care about having a manly outdoor recreational smell?  You young single guys can get skin cancer and cook outside smelling like Tom Selleck trying to holla at shawty in the fly two-piece who grabbed her purse and went for her pepper spray as soon as the words “Boo, I think you and me should…” came out of your skeevy little mouth.  Note that I used “Tom Selleck” on purpose just to throw you a curve ball so you’d have to google or ask your dad about him.

Supercavitation ammo which he talks about at the end of the video sounds badass!

Richard is wearing the AR-15 Builders Club t-shirt and the Keep Calm And Carry One t-shirts from ENDO Apparel in the vids.



Two awesome slow motion videos.  First up a handgun and revolver:

I have seen tons of video and pictures of semi-autos fired underwater, so that was nothing new… a revolver though I had not seen fired underwater before, it was interesting!

Now the AK-47 and some science:

Monkey-AK47What the shit!? I don’t go to YouTube to learn!  I go to see guys fire .22LR through pancakes and to see people do unsafe things I can make fun of.  Just kidding… the info here is good and the video is worth watching.

I sure hope that’s not a pool someone normally swims in… that thing was filthy!


Hat tip: Krystian, Sean, Lee, Matt


Demolition Ranch realized the shotgun he thought he wrecked, still functioned fine and was over 18″.  More tests:

Holy what a mess haha.  That was surprising that 1st shot didn’t do anything by the look of it.  As he says toward the end of the video, it was a pawn shop gun he picked up for cheap… for science.

Demolition-Ranch-ENDOI’m thinking he should shoot down what’s left of the barrel with a .50 BMG or something if he has one.  Put tannerite in there too for the heck of it.

If you missed part 1 back when the shotgun was still in perfect shape, head over here and watch it.

To buy one of the AR-15 Picatinny Rail t-shirts he has on head over to ENDO Apparel.



High speed low drag… literally:

Pretty useless video without any info along with it, but impressive to see the bullet penetrate 13 water jugs, a black plate of some sort and then a 14th jug behind it.

I’m confident in it’s ability to slay Great Whites next time I roll backwards out of an airplane over the pacific to start off some OP.  As long as they make them in .45 i’ll be happy.

PNW Arms is the manufacturer.  Their website is made to look professional, but is actually incredibly shitty in function and useful content.  I guess we’re supposed to care enough about this bullet / cartridge after today in order to come back again and again until they post more info on it. *eye roll*



Busting some Glock myths:

Everything was safe enough up until 4:53… “Tactical Bacon” pushes him in the water, no big deal I thought that was funny… but then what happens next blew my mind…


OMG my head just exploded… These guys were made for each other.

Thoughts?  Hopefully Vigilant Spectre doesn’t file another police report on me for this post. ;)