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I don’t know enough about Alex Jones to like him or hate him, but whenever I hear him talk I feel like I’m being sub-consciously sold something.

I figured some of you would like to see the video.

Hat tip: Aaron


Fear mongering, or is this really going down on the 27th?  I talked about the treaty a while back but didn’t hear anything about it since.


Hat tip: Rick


This is the first, and hopefully last I’ll ever hear about this:

I don’t keep my ear to the domestic gun law streets (much less the international ones), so I didn’t even know this was on the horizon until Ryan emailed me.  I don’t like the idea of some international body dictating laws in any country.   This particular treaty really bothers me obviously.

Looks like there’s been some talk of this since about 2009, but is outlined nicely in this June article in Forbes magazine.   All the fun stuff such as confiscations, international registrys, bureaucratic red tape etc… it’s a good article to get your blood boiling.


Hat tip: Ryan H.