Unorganized Militia

This is incredible ūüėā::

Oh the accuracy!  Too good. Gilly and Keeves channel is 4 for 4 now. Pure gold.

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*New* grey / black colorway:

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I have big plans for this brand, and will be developing it alongside ENDO Apparel. ¬†Some of you might remember I came out with an Unorganized Militia hat a long time ago, and that was a hit… but I wanted to go back to the drawing board and come up with a logo and a slogan that truly fit what the Unorganized Militia¬†is. ¬†What you see above is a snake cut into 3 pieces representing the 3%, three¬†segments in the tail representing the same, and the three sections of the logo¬†themselves are puzzle pieces. ¬†“Some Assembly Required” perfectly sums it all up; when the people assemble, we¬†have the Unorganized Militia.

Thank all you guys for the support.  It has been so awesome to have grown the company to as big as it is now, and to continue to work on new designs and get nothing but positive feedback.  Please keep the emails coming, they really make my day!


A new show on the discovery channel:

If the world as you know it falls apart, will you rise up to fight? Discovery Channel’s new one-hour documentary follows citizen militia, survival and prepper groups in Arizona, Florida and Indiana who are preparing for the worst.

I’ll have to say I was quite disappointed no one had an Unorganized Milita hat on. ¬†Oh well, I’m sure at least one of them owns one, and wears it when they are in casual mode.

The show premiered on Wednesday October 24th, Did anyone catch it?  If so, how was it?