Urban Carry

*smh* these post SHOT show hits just keep coming:

urbancarry-xl-brown-coffinFirst off let me point out that I almost gagged at the random overboard multiculturalism in the video, excessive use of stock footage, and sappiness.  Shout out to my Asian readers, even though you were left out of the video I still have love for you.

LOL at the coffin shape right?  Wow, too perfect.  I doubt even Jerry Miculek could do a quick draw with that thing.  Rest in peace to a hater. *kisses pointer & middle finger and raises them to the sky*.  While I’m at it R.I.P. A$AP Yams.

Urban-Carry-Coffin-HolsterThe one cool thing about having a leather sack as a holster, or just a leather holster in general is you can use cool catch phrases like “Don’t make me come up out tha leather on you son” if someone is playing games. Telling someone you’re fixin’ to come up out the kydex, or unsnap on them doesn’t have the same ring.

As usual, please recognize my opinion really doesn’t mean shit… go buy this Urban Carry for your handgun and tag me in a Instagram photo or the worldstar leaked security footage of your carry encounter where you get your ass whipped while you’re trying to come up out the coffin leather. Ahahhahah.

Thoughts?  Would IWB with?

Hat tip: SayUncle


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