*reads ENDO once*:

So they are playing a little game to see if the person doing a “scan an assess” is actually even looking.  I think I know how this is going to turn out haha.

2:25 – No-look derp scan #1.  Spectacular failure.

2:39 – They switched the camera angle, but it still appears she just shook her head back and forth a bit.

2:58 – She may have saw Steve on that scan.

3:16 – “Heather… when you did your scan and assess, did you see anything behind you?”  Heather: “No”  Me: OHHHHHH!

3:22 – “On the first scan and asses, Mike was hanging dong.. did you see that at all in your peripheral?”  Heather: *shakes head no*   haha jk he was sitting down.. just making sure you guys are paying attention.

Ok so the unsurprising moral of the video is, if you’re going to scan make sure you ACTUALLY LOOK AT THINGS.



USCCA says don’t hide guns at home… carry one at all times at home:

eeeeh yea sure I agree “you’re prepared” if you carry a gun when you’re at home… if anyone out there does this, and finds it comfortable to wear a belt with whatever they lounge around the house with and finds their holster + gun combo to be not uncomfortable at all I’d like to know your setup.

Catch me wearing a Galco miami with my jammies.  That was hot fire.. I might sell that line to Stitches.

Kevin puts out a lot of videos I agree with, but he also has a fair number which seem purely to troll (like this one) / “because content”.  I can already see his next video talking about having a better chance at firepower superiority by carrying a rifle and an extra mag around your home at all times rather than a handgun, since the average burglar likely will have a handgun at the very most.



USCCA dude trying to get some of that Instructor Zero fit-hoe money:

hahah a balance board.  Nothing surprises me anymore.  Maybe they’ll come out with a detox tea before Zero does?

If you’re unfamiliar with the jokes about Instructor Zero, I direct your attention to this video and also this one haha.



USCCA doing these “cover vs concealment” vids now.  The choices seem pretty random, here are a couple examples:

Lil-Wayne-Whoopi-GoldbergFirewood, cases of water bottles, cases of soda, dresser full of clothes, interior doors etc.  Seems like a good way to reach a video quota haha.

Thoughts?  I think they should do a “short bus full of rotten eggs”, and then “prison laundry hamper full of soiled pillows mixed with improvised weapons” as their next videos to keep with the randomness.


Kevin from USCCA preaches on it:

Hipster-Kitty-Makarov-Open-CarryIf you want to read more of that Phoenix McDonalds open carry snatching, check the link.

Sure Kevin makes some valid points.  One major thing he fails to mention; I’d be willing to bet most criminals would just choose a new victim if they spot you open carrying.