1 out of 3 shotguns works properly… not bad right? hahah :|

Hickok45 did a long review on this shotgun a while back, and it just looks overly complicated.

FPS-RussiaLucky for the manufacturer, most of FPS Russia’s viewers are teenage Cawad00dy nerds, so I’m sure this embarassment will just get swept under the rug for the most part.

Thoughts? Running out to buy a UTS-15?


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A look at the futuristic looking Turkish shotgun:

To me it doesn’t look any more or less fun that your run of the mill Remington 870… I like the cool look though and surprisingly it even weighs a bit less than the Remington 870.  The 15 round total capacity is obviously quite awesome.

17:17 – I really don’t like the idea of the magazine being open to debris.  Sure it’s neat you can see what you have left.. but at what cost?

Seems like a lot of different parts and doors and hinges on this shotgun.

I don’t care much for the price either ~$1200

You can check out the UTAS website for more information on the UTS-15.  All the useful info seems to be in their pdf catalog.

In the end this just seems like one of those things CowwaDooty nerds will buy to impress their friends.