SERBU chefs it up in the lab:

He’s actually completing that auto one in a later “Part 3” video.  Here’s a video where he makes up a semi-auto Uzi up from a combination of a parts kit and a pre-made receiver:

The videos are worth watching.  If you’re only going to watch one of them, just watch part 1, because there’s some overlap in part two (although a few different problems he had to solve).  He bought the chopped up pieces as a parts kit from APEX for $129 haha! Mark Serbu is an interesting guy. I hope to see more collaborative efforts between him and Royal Nonesuch in the future. I’m sure Royal is honing his skills more and more every day since he now can also manufacture NFA items legally. That RN-50 they linked up on was pretty epic. I’m hoping the next one is something automatic 😏.

<– clickbait hehe because it’s Mark in the video not Valerie.  Got you.


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Everyone’s favorite science crackhead Colin Furze does it.  I did the legwork to start this at the relevant time for you guys:

Lonely-Island-Bin-Laden-Songhaha not bad not bad.  I need a Glock 18 doorbell.



This man up to something:

Hickok45-YoutubeThe bike and the tractor are the best parts haha.  #OldPersonGoals #GetOfMyLawn


Larry taking an in depth look as usual:

Damn I love Larry’s vids.

There is so much cool stuff about that gun.  The stock… the open bolt design… the L shaped magazine… those badass sights etc…

Larry-Vickers-Louis-Vuitton-ParodyInteresting what he was saying about the grip safety being a pain in the ass.  I laughed when he talked about “taping it down”.

Man, there is so very little flex of any type when fired on auto.  I guess at almost 8lbs though, they over engineered it.

I’m seriously considering getting a handful of Larry Vuitton stickers made up for personal use.  I’d probably just slap them up on various shit outside around my condo just so I could internally LOL every time I left the crib.  Maybe even a 1 of 1 shirt made, just to troll the staff at the LV stores.  I’d be like “It’s an operator thing… you wouldn’t understand.”



Ahoy is on it:

Shark-UZIThat’s a good looking design for sure.

5:13 – “It is the perfect choice for a drive-by shooting”  haha oh no he didn’t!

Shark Uzi!  Yea that actually happened.


She should damn well be able to shoot an UZI says range operator where the negligent shooting of an instructor took place:

The derp starts at around 3:14.  First off, 8 year old girls and 8 year old boys range in sizes.  I have no doubt some 8 year old girls weigh more than I do, but if were talking average I think it’s safe to say they are pretty small.

The 8 year old girl is so mature she had a “bucket list”.  What’s her dad’s ARFCOM username?  I want to check his post count.

The owner of the range does have a point though that this is definitely an isolated incident, and problems like this basically never happen.

shooting-targetSeems to me like the bottom line here is that not letting kids shoot guns would probably take a significant chunk out of his income.  If a kid dies every decade or an instructor takes a bullet every now and then, it’s all part of the risk.

I don’t really know what the answer is here.  I do think semi-auto is exciting enough for inexperienced kids who are just getting introduced to shooting.  If your kid is learning to drive, first thing do you rent or buy them a supercar?  Even if was affordable for you, probably not a good idea.