This is extremely unfortunate… the instructor in the video died:

Full story on CNN.

Sure we all know guns are awesome, and automatic ones are even more awesome.  Probably millions of kids have shot automatic guns under adult supervision and never hurt anyone or themselves, just like millions of kids have “driven” a car on their dad’s knee.  If a rule is put in place where kids can’t legally shoot automatic firearms at a rental establishment though, do the terrorists win?  I don’t know, but I do know that since there isn’t a law in place, there should be common sense in place in the mind of the instructor.  This girl was clearly tiny, and didn’t know what she was getting herself into, so the decision needed to be made for her and her family.  I’m just glad she wasn’t the one who ended up dead.  At 9 years old living with the fact you killed someone though has got to be incredibly traumatizing, I can’t even imagine.

Nike-Air-Max-UZI-HandgunThe video on the CNN page references the incident I also remember in 2008 where a little boy shot himself accidentally with an auto UZI at a gun fair.



FPS Russia with a couple cool guns and awesome slow motion:

FPS-RussiaFPS really dropped the ball by not doing something Sochi olympics related while that was on.  FPS NotEvenFakePatrioticOfMotherRussia.

Thoughts?  Would operate with?



Pretty neat! I bet that thing has some real weight to it.

The parts (left), Assembled baffle stack (right):

The finished product (front):

The finished product (back):

I love seeing peoples home gun projects when they turn out cool like this.

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