How come I was not aware of this earlier? Oh right… I was 3 years old when the movie came out.

The movie is called Top Secret!, and it stars Val Kilmer. It has 7/10 stars on IMDB and it actually sounds pretty funny… I might check it out.

Hopefully no one thinks handling guns like they do in movies like this is actually acceptable. :P


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I had to roll my eyes when at 27 seconds the masked gunman pumped his fist as he fired his handgun. :roll:

According to 50 cent “The Gun” has a “socially conscious” theme. “It’s about how a weapon goes from manufacturing to its distribution point, to being in a citizen’s custody — and how it ends up in the wrong hands,” he said. “We watch the actual gun travel through a few different people’s hands.” (Source)

Hmmmm… I wonder if this is a movie that the Brady campaign is going to approve of? :P  Ha, not likely.

The dropping of the bullet in the guy’s drink at the bar (1:38), and the line he says is pretty awesome.

Besides the inevitable scenes in this movie that will be worthy of an eye roll, I’ll probably go see in the theater (in 2011 apparently according to the IMDB page).

The IMDB page – HERE

P.S. Nice trigger discipline for the poster 50



The Special Assault Rifle “Val” is used by Russian spec-ops. It uses proprietary armor piercing ammo and has an integrated silencer. It’s the terror of terrorists… and icicles.


Caliber: 9×39 mm (SP-5, SP-6)
Action: Gas operated, rotating bolt with 6 lugs
Length: 875 mm / 615 mm (stock open / folded)
Barrel length: 200 mm
Effective range: 400 meters
Weight: 2,96 kg empty
Magazine capacity: 10 or 20 rounds

More at the wiki page – HERE