Brandon pulls up long range:

Always supporting ENDO… Monica ūüėéūüö¨.¬† I’ll have to bring that shirt back again.¬† It sold out a while ago, and I was making room for the new designs so I shelved it for the time being.

13:08 – Brandon confirms that he doesn’t do the videos for money.¬† He does them for sport.¬† I’ve mentioned a lot in the past how that’s my own personal philosophy on content creation of any type, and that I feel that is 100% the only way to go.¬† If you do something you enjoy, and others enjoy it too, the money will follow.

14:32 – He came up with the idea of giving away the custom project rifles to his Patreon supporters.¬† Wow that’s generous, and an amazing idea.

Thoughts? I think Brandon needs his own custom branded hair pomade for men, and maybe like a dry shampoo for women.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Hot off the production line from Valkyrie Armament:

DO WANT!  Even on a semi-auto that would be awesome.  It would force me to step my bumpfire game up a notch.

Price for the conversion – $3300

You send them your entire rifle, and they machine the following:

  • Bolt carrier for the drive system
  • Upper and Lower for compatiblity with the belt feed assembly

Included in the price is the belt feed assembly, belt box adapter to hold the 200 round m249 SAW ammo can, one starter strip, one stop strip and 100 links, and one 200 round ammo box.

NOTE: You can not use regular military links with this conversion… you need to use the¬†proprietary¬†ones that are included.

Judging by the video it seems to work flawlessly in full auto. I’m told by the company that that it maintains a 85% parts¬†compatibility¬†with regular AR-15s.

Valkyrie Armament’s website – HERE