No guns at all in this video:

But 3 of the guys in it have impeccable taste in t-shirts. :P

VendlandFX is steadily gaining a following on YouTube for their fun videos with great special effects.

I asked Dan from VendlandFX if they had plans for more gun related vids in the future, and he said they do, but are trying to show a bit of diversity.


They need to loose the paintball marker, get some Affliction or Ed Hardy hats and shirts, and learn how to fist pump.

Besides that, mission accomplished. The needle on my douchedar was reading 11.


If you like freddiew style action movies keep an eye on these guys and subscribe to their new channel VendlandFX.

When you combine nice cameras with the kind of post processing, story writing,  and editing talent these three have, you know big things are going to happen.