This is SO necessary guys.  If you say otherwise you’re a pussy, and you probably shouldn’t have guns:

Spongebob-Squarepants-Operator-Rifle-AR-15*smh* You know what though, I’m just glad to see he took the proper safety precautions… you know like eyepro, earpro, gloves, and that standard issue Under Armor hat.  Just in case.

Like I said in my Instagram caption, it’s astonishing that five people (shown in the video) actually were all on board with this idea.  Testing bulletproof vests in this manner definitely isn’t one of those “neva bin done befo” type things.  It’s been done lots, and every time I just ask myself why.  All it proves to me is that someone in the company is basically willing to turn themselves into a tactical carny.

Alpha 6 Tactical are the guys who did this.  According to the About Us section, the company is made up of TIER -293 level operators.


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Gangstas trust the science behind vests, and rely on that when keeping it the realest:

“That shit hurt a lil’ bit.” -Al Wizzle

Al Wizzle is real alright.  Real stupid… did you see that goose egg?  I bet there’s internal bleeding.

The handgun they used is a .32 ACP apparently.


Hat tip: William


Joerg Sprave runs some tests:

This is the German equivalent of redneck science.  I would have liked to see actual data on the amount of energy transferred to the body on those shots, considering that’s basically all the matters.

Dammit Joerg… now all the criminals are going to be packing knife shooting slingshot rifles.



Because the real science and data apparently isn’t good enough, this guy does it twice:

Testing with actual people appears to be very common with body armor and ballistic glass.  Those links are two previous examples.  I have posted others, but they usually end up getting deleted because the person gets ridiculed.

Maybe I’m just gullible, but if someone tells me something like “This airbag will deploy when ___________”  or “this drop safety on your Glock will prevent it from being fired when _________” I don’t have the urge to smash my car into a tree or start throwing my Glock around to see for myself.

Anyone into doing these crazy tests on themselves?

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Tight shorts, spray on shirt, and dry humor included as a bonus:

I guess it’s not a new trend, that bulletproof _________ manufacturers no matter what the product, feel compelled they need to show a real person getting shot.  Frankly I can’t see if there is internal damage anyway, so scientific data would interest me more.

I know I wouldn’t be lining up to get hit by 7.62×51 NATO ball, or .44 Magnum.  I don’t care how many people lived through it before me.

Was it just me, or with the angle he was firing the revolver at were you half expecting him to take the deflection to the crotch?

Second Chance body armor is still around, so that’s a good sign their products work. I wonder if they could hook me up with one of those vintage shirts? I’d like a Large though, not a XXS like in the video.

Would you stand in front of a gun to prove something the company that you work for makes, actually works?

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Just like the Notorious B.I.G. said… or not:

Even though it’s airsoft crap, you get the point.  The end result is pretty funny.

If there is one thing I learned from this video it is that Epic Mealtime can not be duplicated.