vet ranch

I post a lot of Demolition Ranch videos because they are awesome, but did you know Matt is a Veterinarian as well?

Matt is such an amazing person, seriously.  Go through a few of those videos… they are so awesome.  My #lifestyle and penchant for cleanliness doesn’t really lend itself well to owning pets, but when I see videos like this one above I almost reconsider.

The only downside to those videos is, I get to thinking “WHAT HAVE I DONE WITH MY LIFE?”.  I’ve never saved a living being.  We’ll I rescue bugs from my condo sometime by throwing them out the window and feel pretty damn good about myself, but besides that nothing.  Please someone tell me that a shirt a made saved your life, or else created a life with a woman because you looked so damn good and she couldn’t resist.  That would make me feel a bit better.

Vet-RanchMake sure you check out Vet Ranch, and subscribe to him for updates.  Matt is wearing the ENDO Pistol Whip shirt in the video if you’re interested.

Gat Tip: James who reminded me how amazing the channel is.


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