Race haters gonna hate:

Damn… hating someone because of their race must be such an exhausting way to live.  Even those rituals look exhausting.

2:04 – Oooooooo dat Barcelona chair.  WANT. P.S. Anyone work for Knoll who reads the blog, that can deeply discount? :P

KKK vids like this I’ve seen normally always look like a sausage fest too.  What fun is that?  I’m sure some girls are down with it, but there definitely looks like a drought.

3:07 – “The A-Rabs” hahaha well if that isn’t a stereotypical way to say Arab I don’t know what is.   Maybe it’s a south thing in general?  Dude trying to troll with the chips too, but ended up showing respect because they were praying.  Surprising.

4:21 – Yea I don’t doubt that being a part of the group gives you a sense of belonging… but any group will do that so join a gym or something instead bro, damn.

6:00 – I ain’t even gonna front.  The Klan has the morale patch game on LOCK SON!  That said, I don’t want to own any of those… but I’m ‘mirin the embroidery no less.


0:22 – LOL backwards flag… whOOps.  Funny how VICE left that in too.

00:51 – ROFL twice… twice backwards!

1:00 – WTF, the SS flag backwards too?  They should fire that one guy from flag hanging duties for real.

7:22 – They definitely need a web / graphic designer on board.

9:45 – Holy teacup grip batman.  That’s one of the most extreme examples I’ve ever seen.


VICE-LogoMan I love Don’t be a Menace…



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How does something like this even pop into someones head in passing thought?

Source – Stolen Valor

When is the next military flight to Afghanistan?  I’m sure some good soldiers would love to have her as a guest, and even introduce her to some of the locals after ripping her passport in half.  I hear they treat women really well there, so I’m sure she will have a great life.

When Phil emailed me this story last night it was gaining steam, but the girl’s facebook page was still up.  Unsurprisingly she was likely getting hammered with angry people, so it no longer exists.


Hat tip: Phil


LOLOL so classic.  From the same guys that brought us Shit Veterans Want To Say.

I’ve actually said a few of those things, i’m not going to say which ones so you guys don’t think any less of me. :P

I can’t even pick out my favorite line, because they were all money.




You’d think a strip that famous would have a least one person that would have caught that.  Unless it’s a big publicity stunt to get people to talk about Garfield again;  if it was.. it worked for a day at least.

Garfield’s creator Jim Davis issued the following damage control statement:

Dear Friends, Fans and Veterans:

In what has to be the worst timing ever, the strip that runs in today’s paper seems to be making a statement about Veterans. It absolutely, positively has nothing to do with this important day of remembrance.

Regarding today’s Garfield comic strip , it was written almost a year ago and I had no idea when writing it that it would appear today — of all days. I do not use a calendar that lists holidays and other notable days so when this strip was put in the queue, I had no idea it would run on Veterans Day. What are the odds? You can bet I’ll have a calendar that lists everything by my side in the future.

My brother Dave served in Vietnam. My son James is a Marine who has had two tours of duty, both in Iraq and Afghanistan. You’d have to go a long way to find someone who was more proud and grateful for what our Veterans have done for all of us.

Please accept my apologies for any offense today’s Garfield may have created. It was unintentional and regrettable.

I still don’t think it’s out of the realm of possibly that it was a secret publicity stunt. I hope not though, because that would be very distasteful.


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Thank-you to all veterans.