LOL Vice actually did a segment on them:

0:35 – I know I bring this up from time to time, but I still don’t get the “WE WON’T COMPROMISE” type bravado, when in fact all these guys do on a daily basis is compromise.  The guy directly across from him literally has a what I’m assuming is a semi automatic with a brace on it.

1:37 – I bet there’s a lot of arthritis, high blood pressure and 1911s in that crowd.

1:41 – He said Unorganized Militia 😏 .. a part of history which I also made into a micro-brand and made a cool logo for a long time ago.

2:09 – Like clockwork, yet another brace.

2:51 – “Clean’er up a lil bit” hahaha

4:11 – Fudd gets up on the mic and puts his 90ft long flitlock under his chin as he’s talking.  Nice…

6:19 – He definitely has “big FORD energy”



VICE documentary warning 😏

2:04 – They definitely have some sort of “no adjustable stocks” rule there judging by the next few pictures.

2:10 – Police say more than 60,000 weapons were turned in and $66M was paid out in total.   I crunched the numbers and that comes out to an average of $1100!  Obviously that number goes down a bit if the # of weapons turned in is higher, but still.. someone getting $1100 for turning in a gun is UN HEARD OF in the US.  Typically gun buybacks in the US, net people $100 – $200 giftcards.  Granted I’m sure guns in New Zealand are likely more expensive to buy in the first place.

2:49 – Shocking *sarcasm*, the gun store store owner said that the government uncertainty made him a lot of money.  That actually does look like a really well stocked store.   Impressive.  The guy is really well spoken too, so that was nice to see.

5:33 – I don’t know what’s going on here, but I’m both frightened and intrigued at the same time 🤔.

7:32 – Yea I get it, police don’t like gangs.  However, as always criminals don’t follow laws… so whatever they come up with is going to make absolutely zero difference.

9:14 – They seem like a really nice bunch of people. It’s always heartbreaking when terrorism or crime in general, permanently affects the lives of regular people.



Not my style in particular, but cool that he found something he loves doing which pays well:

I disagree with what he says at 3:18 – “Decorating these pieces has the purpose of giving them more value”. I think it does exactly the opposite in this case (and most cases actually). I assume people who buy these are getting them because they want something fancy that their friends don’t have, a piece of “art”. I would assume it would be less sellable (liquid) too.

Holy, that Revolver Taco Lounge has 4.0 – 4.9 stars depending on where you look and tons of positive reviews. I love tacos, I’ll have to check it out someday.



Oh man, this is why I love VICE.  Pure 👏 GOLD 👏:

You just know a lot of the people in that video have recently asked their high school aged son or daughter if they have ever heard of a “meme” (but they definitely pronounced it “me me”).

1:24 – Oh no 😬 *hold my Metamucil and watch this*

1:36 – Shout out Amy “Alexo” Robbins.  AKA “Amy with the good hair”.  Her merch is on point, and definitely poppin right now 💯.  I might mess around and go full Instructor Zero, decreasing my drag coefficient by wearing some of those pants someday.  You never know when I might bless the timeline and throw a flick up 📸.

2:34 – This is the best thing I’ve seen all week. This Hiding Hilda lady shoots through her purse, PUTS A HOLE IN THE CEILING then goes on to say “the important part is if you’re going to shoot through a purse, aim the firearm not the purse.  That’s where the mistakes rise” 😂😭.  A tale in two frames stitched into an animated gif:

2:50 – She said that someone shot their eye out with a bra holster, and another person supposedly shot their nipple off.  I don’t know whether it’s true or not but it’s throwing HELLA SHADE at flashbang holsters and/or others doing that same thing.  Alright Shotty McRange-Baffles whatever you say 😏, I really don’t know what to believe.



VICE did a thing:

As you know, I posted this to fulfill my contractual doody of posting every gun or weapon related vice video.  haha I wish.  Dudes thinking I get paid for this… but I’m telling you I actually like watching these VICE vids.  Sure it’s often goofy, and the “reporter” isn’t always the best or asking the best questions but whatever it lets us see some stuff we otherwise wouldn’t.

I’m all about sending robots in if it will keep soldiers out of danger.  I have absolutely zero issues with them operating autonomously with weapons in a war zone too, as long as the AI is smart enough to discern threats.

The robots need to be playing this from onboard Beats by Dre pill speaker when they are out in the field dropping bodies:



The VICE dude with the kid & play hi top fade gets the scoop:

Ok well I’m glad this Drew guy wasn’t gunpologizing at all.  He’s like yea whatever I’m into guns, and I sing a song about guns.. my political views don’t matter.  Good stuff, I wish more people would just intelligently approach it like that.

3:30 – This old dude Don Cusic said “No.  It is not safe for a country artist to criticize the NRA.  Careers can go down the tubes pretty quick.  You can be an outcast.”.  Yea I could see that happening; everyone’s mom and aunties need something to be mad about on Facebook.

4:00 – haha these three country music people they had just outed themselves in the most high key way possible.  This Susan Ruth girl just sat there smirking for the first little bit then dropped an absolute atom bomb kind of unrelated to the topic at hand.. but she said “I would argue that there’s a few country artists that are likely gay, but won’t come out because it will ruin their career” *as she looks at those two guys across from her*.

Thoughts?  Ya ya get your pitchforks because I posted a VICE video.  No I do not get paid to post VICE videos contrary to what one dude in the comments a while back speculated.  It’s just some low hanging fruit when it comes to CoNteNt… and you fellas know I’m all about the low hanging fruit and the content.

Oh I almost forgot, here’s that Drew Baldridge Guns & Roses song if you care to listen (assuming you have Spotify). I’m not going to get carried away and and give it my coveted “Certified 2nd Amendment banger” stamp of approval, but honestly it’s not bad as far as corny and fun gun related country music goes.  I’d probably make the crowd go absolutely crazy at my 2nd Amendment warehouse party by sneak-mixing it in between Skinbone – 100 Miles and Rich Brian – Dat $tick.