Because they say every word has impact.  3192 paintballs in 5.3 seconds.

Behind the scenes:

Quite epic, as are most things shooting related in slow motion.  The company who produced the video is called VidAngel.  You can stream family filtered movies, tv shows, and popular YouTube videos off their site all without the “bad stuff”.  That’s great and all, because I wouldn’t want any young kid of mine watching Wolf Of Wall Street for example… BUT if you take out all that bad stuff would the movie make any sense at all?  Not at all, so what’s the point?

This is from VidAngel’s site:

Think Wikipedia style collaboration for family-friendly video filters. VidAngel is powered by a volunteer community of avid fans of family-friendly video where members of the community tag potentially offensive swearing, sex and violence in movies, TV shows and YouTube videos. These tags allow viewers to filter what they see and hear based on their personal values and content preferences.

Paintball-Gun-PaintingI’m not a parent, but I’m sure if your kid had no respect for your authority and wanted to go watch Wolf Of Wall Street, he/she could just go to a friends house or download the torrent and watch it on their phone.  This isn’t 1985 anymore… kids have numerous minature devices with screens and so do all their friends.