video game high school

A trailer for the highly anticipated side project freddiew’s group was working on:

The full 1st episode is actually up over at their website RocketJump.  I am VERY impressed.  I expected no less out of the freddiew crew…  and they definitely delivered.

The characters are pretty over the top, the weapon handling looks good, and the video game jargon is all on point.  I highly recommend you watch it. 



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I thought this was going to be a serious freddiew one initially:

That stunt reload with the two handguns was pretty funny… I gotta try that sometime. Snapcaps or unloaded though of course. I’d cringe (then leave) if I ever saw someone do that at the range.

When the heck is that movie of his coming out?  Should be nice.  These 3 minute short videos from him just aren’t as satisfying as they used to be.