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*flames emoticons for days*:

Holy this game is going to be intense.  I’m loving the fancy Mortal Kombat style “FINISH HIM” moves you can pull.

If you want to catch up on your DOOM history, RetroAhoy did an hour long documentary.

There is multiplayer footage of DOOM which is also released if you want to check it out as well.

Doom-Video-GameAvailable May 13, 2016.

Thoughts?  Will ignore your job and the important people in your life for several hundred hours while you get good enough at this game to kill the eleven year olds online who call you a faggot and subsequently hurt your feelings?


RetroAhoy always puts in amazing effort:

Doom-Video-GameI haven’t watched this all because it’s almost an hour long, but it looks intense.  All his videos are definitely worth watching, if the topic interests you.

If the history of the development and origins of Doom interests you, VICE Motherboard did a great documentary you should make sure to check out.

Judging by the multiplayer video I posted, I bet Doom 2016 is going to be insanely good.



This might have potential:

Will I buy a game system for it, or a PC to play it?  Probably not, but I’d like to try it out somewhere that’s for sure.  I put in a lot of hours in original DOOM multiplayer for PC.

Doom-Video-GameI’m glad to see they kept some of the original weapons.  The audio sounds amazing!  I’ll have to see what the actual gameplay looks and feels like though before I make any final judgments on whether this is a fail or not.  I’m getting “very derivative of HALO” vibes from the above video.  I suppose HALO is derivative of DOOM in the first place though, so whatever I don’t know.

2:43 – Whoa that demon rune thing is crazy!

If you missed the post on the John Romero documentary about how he messed up the Doom franchise you should click through and watch the video.  It’s pretty good.



Yea you can always count on Corridor Digital for quality gun related entertainment.  They did a nice job on this.  Especially impressive since it’s one take!

That paintball / airsoft park (Hollywood Sports Park) looks pretty sick, wow.

While watching it I was pretty sure they used a drone, but it was nice to have that verified and see the full behind the scenes below:



WTF?  Is this game seriously going to be put on the shelves?

After watching the about preview, I really wish it was an elaborate troll.  I don’t consider myself particularly sensitive to violence… but that trailer is just disgusting.  What demographic is this appealing to?  The forever alone wannabe serial killer?  This looks so many levels in violence above Grand Theft Auto, it appears to be barely even comparable.

I don’t know about you guys, but in all the past games I’ve played I was never like “This game is good… BUT I really wish I could stab cops in the face to kill them and have it look realistic, and also execute people by placing a gun in their mouth and pulling the trigger.   Yea… I’ll be happy when I can finally do that!” <— *smh*

Hatred-Video-Game-LogoENDO DEMANDS ACTION!  haha.  Seriously though I’m glad I don’t have kids I need to explain stuff like this game to.


Hat tip: Eric, PXH


Door-Kickers-Video-GameThis looks cool.  Reminds me a lot of Police Quest SWAT 2 which I used to play.  Obviously being 2014, this game is far more advanced and with better graphics though.

More info on the Door Kickers website.  Available on Steam for $15.