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VICE looks into it:

I actually didn’t realize the military had so much to do with the birth and early innovation of video games.

6:25 – DOOM was so legendary.

Bravemind looks interesting, and definitely seems like a good idea to have something like that.  Even though the graphics aren’t very modern looking, it’s amazing how after playing something for a few minutes your brain just forgets it doesn’t look ultra real, and deals with it.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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Holy this is so dumb its genius:

*sigh* I get what it’s trying to accomplish, but come on… a suction cup with an LED and a ugly cord?  Oh no baby what is you doin?

I looked it up on Amazon, and to my surprise the cool teens (or gaming teens anyways) must love it.  It has a solid 4 star rating and 955 customer reviews.  Astonishing.

I never touch my screens… ever, so putting a suction cup on one of them would make me lose my mind.  I remember when my girlfriend moved in with me she pointed at something on my computer screen and touched it, and I gasped.  She thought it was funny, and I pretended like I didn’t actually care.  I don’t remember the exact timeline of when I cleaned the fingerprint off the screen, but I’m guessing it was pretty close to after it happened.  I definitely would have been lowkey about it though and pretended I needed to go clean my glasses with the microfiber cloth, then casually ran it across the fingerprint on the screen when she was off doing something else.  Oh well it’s all good, she figured out pretty quickly that I’m a weirdo so I don’t even have to hide it anymore.



Right on… I like this idea:

Operation-Supply-DropBoosting morale and helping fight PTSD!  These guys sacrifice so much for the country, at the very least they should be comfortable when they aren’t being shot at.

There is a very reasonable and well thought out indiegogo campaign running right now to raise money for this.  Hit the link to go check it out and help out if you can!

This really seems like something the government should already be doing… it’s too bad they aren’t.  I’m sure there are millions of dollars squandered on useless crap to boost morale and fight PTSD which doesn’t work half as good as these video games will.


Hat tip: Steven


Yea this is a shocker *eye roll*:

Until they incorporate screens in the scopes, actual magazines, realistic recoil, limited ammo etc… it’s never going to be “like the real thing”.  Look how the guy is holding it during the demonstration even… it’s basically just an awkward controller with a trigger.

I think if I was a parent, I’d really hate other parents.  Seeing and hearing first hand how people are screwing up their kids “for their own good” would be really frustrating.

Piers-Morgan-Eyes-Closed-Mouth-Open-Ears-OffI love how they keep saying that these games are turning kids into killers.  Oh really?  Then how come there have only been a handfull of shootings when there are millions of kids that play them.  

The inventor really shit the bed with his answer at the end.  He definitely should have been more prepared.


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The gun store guys have another gripe:

9:15 – “The fellow that shot up the Colorado theater was probably a gamer, and he was obsessed with it and he…” -Barry <-- :roll: sounds like something the antis would say. I should pitch an idea to Discovery channel where I go on a country wide ENDO tour, and just troll people in the firearms industry.  These guys, Yeager, Vigilant Spectre… it would be great.

Thoughts?  Any of you guys work in a gun store and want to beat your head against a wall every time someone asks to see a “Deagle” or an “Assault Rifle”?


Worth watching for Lara Croft, and the Pong, and Asteroids!

If there was a real life shooting game equivalent to Asteroids that would be epic!

FreddieW seems like he’s “sort of” back with this video… definitely a lot of effort put into it.

Apparently you can play some of the old school arcade games over at, but when I tried in Google chrome it told me to rotate my device and that it was best I use Windows 8 and Internet Explorer 10. hahha  I wonder how many people get this error and try rotating their computer or monitor and refreshing?