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Some very neat special effects in this one:

I especially liked the blue shell from Mario Kart at the end.  I had no idea what some of the other games they were referencing were… still cool though.

I liked playing multiplayer in 007 Golden Eye with the Golden Gun.  I should specify ONLY ON N64.  I played that bullshit on my cousin’s Wii… what a load of garbage.  Maybe i’m just too old for the Wii but I thought I was going to puke even when watching someone else play.




AHahhahahhaha so true.  I suppose though since a lot of games are close quarters combat, if shotguns worked as they do in real life then they would be too powerful of a weapon.


Hat tip: Eric P.


Another “meh” video from Freddiew:

But it lets me touch on the point that I didn’t think “inverted” controls was that much of a hot button issue.

In first person flying games I always go inverted.   First person shooters I pick standard controls though.

Real helicopters and planes have inverted controls right? What do you guys prefer?


79 fictional weapons from various pop-culture sources including television, film, video games and comic books on a shirt:

Again, i’m not much of a TV nerd, so I don’t know what most of those are.  Judging by the Han Solo’s Blaster Represented Using 26 Other Guns post I did a while ago you guys will know them all!

You can buy the shirt for $25 – HERE


How Red Storm Entertainment goes to great lengths to achieve weapon authenticity in its games:

Where do I apply?

Good to see they are that committed to their job. Hopefully they are continuously given the right nomenclature too, so they don’t keep calling magazines “clips” in games.


Unless you’re currently under the age of 18, you probably remember these:

If you want to re-live the frustration and the incredible lag from your childhood hit up the link – HERE

There are about 20 other crappy games for you to try out too.  Quite a few shooting ones actually.. but thats because the platform lends itself to that I suppose.