Vigilant Spectre

I see the pillow “silencer” all the time in both movies and rap:

Hey if shoelaces are on the ATF’s radar, then pillows likely are too ūüėé. It’s tough to tell without a db measurement when were dealing with presumably just a camera mic, but at 2:43 when he did the quick cuts to all the shots the pillow ones definitely sounded quieter.

Every time I watch a Vigilant Specter video nowadays, I just remain astonished by the 360 degree change and come up.

<— throwback picture of Spectre in ENDO t-shirt.¬† I’m mostly sold out of that design however.



Holy, this is really nice:

7:37 – All that security and he has a glassblock window?¬† I realize there’s that hardened steel grate over there, but doesn’t that very much compromise the total security of the room?¬† Couldn’t some criminal just back a truck up into that and smash it into the room?¬† Smash the window, hook something around the bars and pull them outside with a truck or something? I’m no expert but I think I would have just filled that window area up with concrete, and pile dirt up on the outside to make it look like nothing was there.

Maybe I’m just a bit more paranoid than the average person, but I’m really not into showing my guns (and how I store them) off on the internet to people I don’t personally know.¬† That said, I don’t have an active YouTube channel where I care about views.¬† I also don’t have as many guns, or store them in any sort of cool way… so there’s that too ūü§Ēūüė≠



hahah VS disturbing the shit:

Yea I miss the old VS (I’m talking water-filled-tractor-tire-underwater-glock-test VS, and almost-killing-each-other-negligently in every video VS), but this was funny.¬† Yo that beltfed AR is nice.¬† I didn’t realize those worked so well and are under $2k ūü§Ē.¬† I know some of you “mature” folks are going to be like “That’s so juvenile”.¬† Whatever.¬† As much as I love guns, I wouldn’t call the cops but I think I’d have to move if I had to listen to gunfire all day every day.¬† I get annoyed enough at people’s barking dogs, weed wackers, leaf blowers, crack heads fighting etc.. Nothing the Bose QC-35s can’t handle though.¬† I swear I live in those things most days.

I still can’t get over the professional glo-up Vigilant Spectre managed. Tru ENDO heads know what I’m talking about.¬† I would link you newcomers to some videos so you could understand, but those have long since been deleted off their YouTube channel.



“cool story bro” basically summarizes this video. ¬†Just when I though VSO was completely done with their past Darwin worthy shenanigans… oh well we had a good and long run at least. Check this asshattery:

0:26 – Oh at first I was like “Huh, what does PC: Sonny Puzikas mean?”… Against my better judgement I assumed that there would just be no way VSO would use Sonny Puzikas to justify this, considering Sonny was the one who SHOT SOMEONE negligently while training. ¬†In case you don’t believe me regarding the cross promotion / endorsement, here is a link to the Sonny Puzikas facebook post where he posted that picture. ¬†The needle was already pointing at the maximum mind-blowingly retarded section of the meter, but VSO hit the turbo with this; the needle bent and broke.

1:18 РAh the no-look derp scan.  There it is in all its glory.

3:03 – Oh and here’s the “real life situation” justification, right on cue.

To make this video more similar to the original video we all got butthurt about, Spectre’s shooter should have been in a wheelchair attempting to shoot while someone was shaking and rattling him unpredictably from behind. ¬†Oh right… Spectre wouldn’t want to stand down range when that kind of random shit was happening. heh. ¬†If you want to call standing in front of the line of fire less than 3ft from where bullets are impacting “safe”, then be my guest. ¬†Ultimately Darwin will have the last laugh, because you’re not going to be lucky forever.

Thoughts?  You operator / man enough to live on the edge like Spectre?


Vigilant Spectre takes a look:

Vigiland-Spectre-ENDOOut of all the things he mentioned, the fact it has no dust cover is probably the biggest “wtf?” point for me. ¬†That’s just weird. ¬†Obviously¬†cuts down on some machining and fitting though, which is likely the whole point. ¬†I agree with him that it should come with some type of rear sight, even if it is¬†a low end one. ¬†Basically the addition of that would allow someone to use it right out of the box, which to me should be the whole point with any budget firearm.

I don’t have a picture of Vigilant Spectre in the Builders Club t-shirt unfortunately. ¬†If you know your stuff, and/or want a fun project I still say¬†that’s the way to go.



I don’t get this:

At 2:51 we can see there’s a crowd of several hundred people, if not over 1000. ¬†This little demo is supposed to impress them? ¬†Let me just go through the steps:

  1. Roll empty bus onto grass (I’m already disappointed it wasn’t a short bus)
  2. Walk out (future) hostages
  3. 0:21 – Oh look… Anon at the front of the bus is crazy and he says he’s going to kill everyone. ¬†The driver is crazy too.
  4. 0:47 – Ohhhhhh shit the TIER -29 operators are rolling up in the back of a pickup truck.
  5. 0:58 – Casually they are now next to the bus and crazy anon doesn’t seem to care
  6. 1:15 – Anon hears flashbang and instead of killing everyone he runs to the back of the bus, doesn’t do shit, then proceeds to get “shot”.
  7. 1:33 – Looks like several more operators are needed.
  8. 1:40 – Anon is “putting up a fight” by slapping his hands a bit, he’s zip tied and then is dragged off the bus and thrown into the back of the pickup.
  9. 2:40 – Gotta roll in front of the crowd for effect, while putting his¬†rifle to the back of Anon’s head (oh and the back of his¬†hand too).
  10. 2:46 РBus evacuated by operators, everyone lived.  Whole crowd goes wild.  WHAT A TIME TO BE ALIVE.

Ok so someone explain why? ¬†This just seems like some useless display just to trick the crowd¬†into thinking “WHOA I JUST WITNESSED SOMETHING SO OPERATOR”. ¬†Like Anon and his driver buddy wouldn’t have nuked everyone on that bus when they¬†saw the operators roll up with guns.

Short-School-BusI haven’t picked on Asymmetric Solutions in a while. ¬†Vigilant Spectre and those guys are bros now. ¬†This broship seemingly was cultivated after they FLIPPED OUT when I made this initial post, which got 267 comments (some of which were praising¬†the place, but were actually comments made by Asymmetric Solutions themselves under an alias haha it was such a clusterfuck)… They¬†invited me to tour their facilities to prove they were in fact the TIER -29 operators they claim to be. ¬†I obviously declined because I don’t give a shit, but VSO stepped up to the plate and was like “Hell yeah I’ll go and document it”. ¬†He’s actually posted a lot of videos there which were not derpy at all, hence why I haven’t posted them (boring, but looks like they are having fun at least).

Thoughts?  Is everyone else impressed but me?  Is this actually how a bus hostage situation would be handled in real life?