Vigilant Spectre

Vigilant Spectre tests it… Best part is all the voices LOL:

Advanced-Shoulder-PocketSkip to 1:32 for the voices/characters, haha awesome stuff.  3:56 is by far the greatest one.

Not sure why they changed the name from “Advanced Shoulder Pocket” (which I blogged about before), to the new name “Artificial”?   I was like I DON’T HAVE AN ARTIFICIAL SHOULDER THO!  My stance on this product is the same.  It looks to me like a good idea if you’re wearing body armor.

The company which makes it is called Asymmetric Technologies, if you want to take a further look.



Spectre does it his way:

Vigilant Spectre rocking the throwback NorthFace bubble goose like a Mobb Deep entourage member.  Wait, was Shook Ones about shooting binary explosives?

haha 0:38 – No “Gay random number generator” for these guys… they use binary explosives.


Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-As… I guess that explains why most people use random number generators hahah.

You can grab a shirt if you didn’t win over at ENDO Apparel.


Vigilant Spectre is giving away a few shirts when they reach 50,000 subscribers:

Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-WallsYou just have to comment on the video to enter.

If commenting is too much work (or you enter and don’t win) you can just head over to ENDO Apparel and buy a shirt.

Awesome to see they are nearing 50,000 subs… congrats guys.


Vigilant Spectre gets it done:

haha the Shotgun was a nice touch.  Getting a pail in the head wouldn’t be ideal.

You can tell Spectre watched this video for tips on poppin his shirt off:

Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-AsThoughts?  I don’t even lift, and BroScienceLife is still priceless.


Vigilant Spectre gets covered in mud, for science:

Remington 870 Mossberg 500, Stevens 320 (Savage), and Benelli SuperNova.

Vigilant-Spectre-Tactical-WallsI’m blogging from the car today, and I get carsick if I look at a screen too long so I didn’t watch the entire 18 minutes.  What I did skip around and watch was pretty good though… looks like no one got hurt too which is always good.  Despite classic VS shenanigans and their best efforts, they live to operate another day.

Although the pic on the left is of Spectre in the Guns And Coffee shirt from ENDO apparel.  In the video he has the Restricted LE/GOV use only shirt on.  As you can see VS has a lady friend now too… coincidence?


Tactical Tunes and the Vigilant Spectre boys, Killing time fooling around with some guns:

Damn that’s an ugly gun but the .500 S&W cartridge kicks like a beast!

Tactical-Tunes-Vigilant-Spectre-ENDOHoly that “accent” towards the end is obnoxious.

Vigilant Spectre is in the New York Reload t-shirt, and Tactical Tunes is in the Deagle t-shirt both from ENDO Apparel.