violent crime

Says no correlation between gun control and lower death rates or violent crime.


Source – Breitbart

You can check out the full report pdf Would Banning Firearms Reduce Murder And Suicide.

I read through all 46 pages, and I have to say their argument and facts they present are very convincing.  I’m now in the process of reviewing all the referenced papers in the footnotes.  LOL just kidding I didn’t read it…. some smart people go there though and I’m assuming this paper is peer-reviewed so I’ll take their word for it.


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This guy rocks a v-neck so deep it’s off screen… don’t let that get in the way of what he’s got to say though:

I wonder if “Violent crime” is defined hugely different across countries?

So the violent crime rate dropped 50% in the U.S. in the past 20 years?  Yea an assault weapons ban is definitely going to cut that in half again *eye roll*

AmidstTheNoise-YouTubeI gotta keep an eye on this AmidsTheNoise guy… I like his style.  Just waiting for when he changes the game with even more advanced v-necks.


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