Virtual Reality

VICE looks into it:

I actually didn’t realize the military had so much to do with the birth and early innovation of video games.

6:25 – DOOM was so legendary.

Bravemind looks interesting, and definitely seems like a good idea to have something like that.  Even though the graphics aren’t very modern looking, it’s amazing how after playing something for a few minutes your brain just forgets it doesn’t look ultra real, and deals with it.

Products currently haunting my dreams:
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A VR game called “Hot Dogs, Horseshoes & Hand Grenades”.  A guy did a commentary on another gamer’s commentary video:

Fat-Guy-Virtual-RealityThis game is available on Steam.  Looks like you need some type of headset and wants to play this… I’m not a cool teen so I really don’t know exactly.

I can’t believe that watching other people play video games online is a “thing”, and it surprises me even more that some of these online gaming channels make tons of money from it.


Gat tip: Spencer


Both of those looks very awesome.  More so the 2nd video with the wrap around screens.

If there is one thing I hate about a lot of these “Virtual Reality” type setups at places, is that the employees take it TOO seriously. As far as i’m concerned it should be your choice if you want to take it seriously as a training type exercise, or if you want to go rogue and shoot hostages and rapid fire into everything you can see.  You’re paying $60 per hour after all.  It’s virtual reality, no one can get hurt.

You can check out the Gander Mountain Academy website – HERE

Not sure why they think they are so important that they need a pricey VeriSign Class 3 SSL certificate… funny to see that.