Vitaly Kryuchin

This man making music on the steel plates:

Keanu-WoahVitaly Kryuchin… more like LITaly Kryuchin amirite guys? :P

I need to commission him to play 2 Chainz – Watch Out on the steel while I rap to it.  We’d film it and Vitaly would pull up in a Phantom and pull off with a dancer, I’d have a pocket full of money and it would be kind of hard to keep my pants up.  Alright well you get the picture, I’ll put the brakes on this tangent.


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Russian Jerry Miculek in the house:

This guy is damn good at point shooting.  He doesn’t use the sights for the entire video, and it’s NOTHING to him.  Nothing but steel noise.

1:09 – Holy, that hat has seen better days.  Dual wielding in the sun will do that.

1:38 – I thought that was pedo bear on this jersey at quick glance.  It isn’t of course.  Just a Grizzly.

2:57 – Ohhhhhh shit, multicam tape on the fingers.  Shit is about to get real.   Oh, hmmm, shit never did get real… the video just ended.

Here’s another more intense/fun video of him dual wielding the glocks and point shooting:

Glock-Aid10/10 would operate with.