I knew this bozo was going to come out of the woodwork to try and get some more attention sooner or later:

Funny how he turns off all the comments now.

Here are his “solutions”:

  1. Stop making AR-15s, and stop making rifles (unless they are hunting rifles).
  2. Limit magazine capacity to 10 rounds across the board.
  3. There should be a strict number of how many firearms can be made by a manufacturer per month.
  4. Civilians should only be able to have access to shotguns, pistols, and hunting rifles.  Anything else forget about it… no suppressors either.  Later on in the video he updates this to say that the average person doesn’t even need a semi-automatic pistol.
  5. The minimum age to own a firearm should be 25.
  6. Ban all firearm accessories.

Heh.. riiiiiiiiiiight.

ahahah 7:30 – “I’m VODA INC… *dramatic pause* I’m one of the greatest of all time”


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He hit the timeline with these three thirsty pics today:

Much like the Chris Costa lever action pics I posted today, these VODA pics have a LOT of single dad energy ⚡️.  Do I blame him for trying to leverage his 2065 person follower count to try and court a new attractive tactical lady? I absolutely support it, go off king.

Google translation of all the captions:

Yes, I am a professional photographer; but I will never forget who I trained with. 7 years ago I opened VODA INC. and taught ordinary civilians how to shoot firearms [Gun-Fighting]. Even across the US, my home and I love being here – I will always be, accordingly, pro-Russian, and I will always love Russian weapons systems.

Ah ok, pro Russian but with a German gun in the pics.. got it.  My guess is VODA disappeared initially because he was irritated that Detroit D.U.S.T. bozo was getting so much attention for not even being as dumb as VODA is/was.  The problem was, VODA wasn’t marketing himself well enough.  This new “pRo RuSsiA / PrO PutiN” scheme is definitely an attention grab.  Once again, shitty marketing… it’s not even shocking.  If he wants to make it in the mainstream of the firearms derp content industry he’s really going to have to start doing better.  I’m talking shockingly dumb videos doing shockingly dumb stuff + showing so much conviction that what you’re demonstrating is actually 100% infallible and indisputable.. like old school VODA turned up to 11 and without silencing the detractors through bans, deleted comments and limiting comments.  As always, I’m available for consulting if you ever want to hit me up VODA.  I know you read this blog because you block me on IG whenever you get a new account.


Gat tip: Dave, Axle Von Foley


Yes, you read that right… CONDITION TREE:

Fire extinguisher in frame, just in case this dumpster fire gets away. 😏

Cute pearl bracelet bro.



As he says “VODA do what VODA Do”… and in this case, it’s re-uploading a lot of his old videos.  There are also some I haven’t seen… but it’s tough to say if I just missed them or if they are AcKSHuLLy new.  Typically I’d do what I call a “Hair line check” on him, but I just don’t have the gusto to collect the data points at the moment.

That’s just a small sample of what he posted in the last few days on his channel.  You could pick any video out, and the Dunning-Kruger effect is painfully overbearing.  This guy really needs to create a full length movie.  Honestly, I guarantee it would be so off the wall… a beautiful tragedy.  He could screen it at Sundance Film Festival and it would be an instant hit.. turning into a cult classic.  This new found attention would no doubt pour gasoline on the already rampant content dumpster fire.



ECK system (where he uses a damn knife) in tow:

This guy is WAAAAAAAAY to highspeed for his own good.  You know how your parents always told you not to run with knives?  The same rule should apply to quickly manipulating a gun in front of your face while holding a knife. Yikes.

Oh and after the above video finished, this showed up in my youtube recommended videos 😂😂😂… a pure gold summary of some of his gun related tomfoolery:



This is a pandemic in itself, training like he fights:

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Feeling the trigger

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YIKES.  As you can see if you scroll through the rest of his account, he’s still up to his usually shenanigans.

He seems to get new accounts quite often.  I used to be able to keep up, but now he literally blocks me before I even find out about them.  Luckily I’ve got shooters out there who send the new @ my way.  To me, his personality would suggest he’s not the type to block people who talk about him, but I guess I’m obviously wrong.  99% of the comments on all his post are roasting him, yet he doesn’t lock those down.


Gat tip: 47images