Talking BDSM, sexual contracts, and his work in the adult entertainment industry. Ugh.. GENTLEMEN THIS IS NOT A DRILL:

BDSM Slaves and Submissive’s. I’m sorry I can’t be with just a “Regular Woman”. Join the Syn Sity group.

Posted by Lucien R. Black on Sunday, October 28, 2018


I’m sorry guys… I’m sorry.  The entire video is a train wreck on multiple levels.

3:45 – VODA says that the main industry he is involved in is the “Adult Entertainment Industry”. WHAT?! That’s it guys… I think I’m deleting my blog, this is just going too far off the rails for my liking. 😂😭😬

Do YOU VODA… do you. *slow clap*


Gat tip: Mike


Looks like all his videos are back online, and he’s stoking the content dumpster fire once again:

That’s some good-ass content.  Not only did I love the tactical horse stance, but I also enjoyed the fact he fired the video up on his own facebook account, then recorded the screen on his phone.  That’s stuff they just don’t teach you in video school.  The big dogs learn hacks like that on their own and excel 🤘🚀.

Oh man, now this video below is really something.  Called “Accelerated Entry – Part 1”:

Part 2 is equally as epic:

Then for those that aren’t as hiGh SpeEd as VODA he has a couple “Delayed Entry” videos up as well.  They are boring so I’m gonna save the embed kilobytes, but I think it goes without saying that he probably recently watched Sicario, or HEAT or something and was really feeling himself.  Speaking of really feeling himself, here he is stroking his ego and some sort of talk he put on about his women’s program which he calls “M.A.C.K.™️”… which is actually a very poor pick word-wise even though it’s a clever acronym.  I assumed maybe my knowing that “Mack” was slang for hitting on girls was a regional thing… but nope the entire internet is in consensus that is the definition.

What’s the patch on his “uniform”… something something MALL SECURITY?

I’m seriously getting dumber following this guy’s online career, but I do it for you guys, for the sport, and for the glory so it’s all good.  Obviously I don’t disagree with some of what he says in the video, but when it’s mixed in with so much cringe it’s pretty bad.

Thoughts?  You a fan of the drop leg as much as VODA?  Did any of you fellas ™️ an acronym or do anything notable like film an accelerated entry video lately?  Heh yea I didn’t think so, me either 😏😂.  I gotta wonder if VODA is turning any of these ™️’s to Ⓡ’s?  Because I’m a sucker for punishment I searched the USPTO but couldn’t see anything after the first 20 or so clicks that appeared to be his.  Also, he’s doing a lot of stuff for the ladies lately… is this a way to meet women or is it purely altruistic?  I’m not hating on the last point if it’s not altruistic, I’ve done some stupid things and went to some stupid places I wouldn’t have otherwise went in the past to meet girls… not “Make a protection program for women and call it MACK; powerpoint presenting it to a largely empty room while wearing a uniform with two drop leg holsters on” stupid mind you, but still.


Yes you read that correctly, and I didn’t photoshop that.  That’s from his GuNfiGhTeR’s ThiNk TaNk blog post – “Where I Been“.. I’m assuming he meant “Where I’VE Been” but whatever ENDO isn’t exactly Mavis Beacon meets Grammarly either so I’ll let it slide.

Oh and you thought that was all he had for us?  Click through the link above and start at the top… the pictures are pure gold, and here are the highlights as far as the writing goes.

He apologizes to his “millions of fans”:

I want to apologize for the millions of people around the world that log on every day to read, learn and share vodalogic articles but haven’t found anything new.

Whoever is hot right now in the gun world… your reign at the top is OVER when VODA finishes up this project he working on:

This project is the biggest project that I have ever had to do in my entire life and while it is fun it is also extremely time consuming. But I will say this when it is done – VODA and its affiliates will be the hottest thing ever in the Gun Game (like VODA never was).

You know VODA… always on secret training ops, instructing special forces groups and members of the military.  Oh and just wait until he fixes what’s wrong with Chicago.  They’ll make him the mayor there.

I will be in Dallas, TX administering training to a very special group sometime this month. You know who you are. I will also be in Chicago, IL training some of the realist killers that the US ARMY and USMC ever produced. Lets take our city back.

He’s TM’ing a bunch of NevA BiN DoNe BeFo word combinations and releasing two new books… one with 500+ pages, and the other which will be limited distribution… yea you don’t have to read between the lines to know you’re probably not operator enough to even catch a glimpse of the VODA BLACK BOOK™️ , never mind having the OPPORTUNITY to purchase it.

The Occult Gun-Fighter and The Civilian Operator™ book also known as the “Black Book™” will not be available to everyone.

I know there’s a lot to unpack there.  Oh and is it just me, or is VODA transforming more and more into Young Jeezy every day?  Google images proof:

I wish VODA would spit some 🔥 bars at the end of every video.  If there was a gun industry halloween party, I definitely wouldn’t go but in my head I would come up with badass costume ideas like VODA in Young Jeezy cosplay.  I’d walk in the part and Future / Young Thug “All da Smoke” would be playing and Larry Vickers would fake crip-walk up to me double fisting beers he just picked up and be like “OH SHIT WHATUP DAWG? ROFL Is that VODA in YOUNG JEEZY cosplay?” then he’d hand me a beer and we’d go find Costa and troll him about airsoft in japan, egging him on to drop it to tha floor like he did in the video, when the party DJ plays that Lil John song.


Gat tip: Kyle


Huey P. Newton Gun Club… Named after the founder of the Black Panthers 🤔.  VODA is iNsTruCtinG here, and is really in his element it appears:

The gun club has a wikipedia page, which is more than I can say I have.  They are based out of Dallas TX.  They have staged public armed patrols through black neighborhoods in South Dallas, in addition to an armed counter-protest at some mosque in South Dallas.  Ok…  Well thankfully everything has been peaceful so far.

Is that a “shooting range” they are “training” on?  Looks like a field?  I would speculate on the type of plant with the white puffs are in that field, but I’ve been around long enough to know someone is just going to spin it to make me look like a racist asshole if I’m wrong.  You know what.. they are probably dandelion puffs.  Yea…

“Firing line work”.  Naturally VODA still has the balaclava on, and he’s in full operator mode.  Good grip lesson at the end hehe.

WHOA… ok ok good start to this next video “We’re in a rally.  We’re in downtown Houston, and these MF’in crackers done got aggressive.  Do you understand what we sayin?  Now we have to take this shit from a peaceful march to a tactical situation.”…. Uh… ok.  Here’s the video:

I bet The FBI agent who is in charge of these guys just spit his coffee out and called his buddies over after hearing that intro.

Oh man… after watching that last video I don’t even know what to say other than I hope their wives or girlfriends or family members see these videos and plead with them to not attend any “rallies” with this group.

One last video where they do a 60 round salute after yelling out “black power”:

Thoughts?  Why is VODA blowin up the Huey P gun club spot like this?  I’m surprised they want record of this kind of tomfoolery, but at the same time it goes with the showboating the Black Panthers did.


We knew this was going to happen… still sad tho.

No mention of the mass deletion on his fake-woke shitpost blog “ThE GuNfiGhTeR’s ThiNk TanK”.  The title of the only video that remains (embedded above): “Film Choreography Directors Cut”.  Naturally there s a lot of bad advice in this (take headshots etc..).  Oh and contrary to his usual “I DON’T USE BLUE GUNS” mantra, he’s using fake guns (SIRT laser) in this.  So off brand bro, ugh… like do you even train like you fight?  Apparently not  🙄🙄🙄.

7:23 – Man man’s rocking the drop leg like a tru operator.  Respect…. oh wait at 9:11 you can see he’s rocking TWO drop leg holsters.  I just lost my damn mind.

Thoughts?  I’m hoping he just temporarily hid his videos.  If not, I’m sure some of you have them all saved for posterity.  I know I have a few in the old VODA folder to get me through times like this.


He may or may not be mall security:

Pure gold as always.  Naturally he’s always doing that slide-to-the-eye CAR position.  I bet most people who don’t practice much with this, end up trying it out in an actual high stress situation and the first recoil of the slide wacks them in the eye area.

This guy wants to be a in a gunfight so bad.  For his sake, if it ever happens I hope it’s clear cut indisputable self defense because to use a term I use a lot on Instagram “The prosecution will love it”… in this case meaning they would absolutely have a field day with all his blog posts, videos, instagram posts, and “advice”.

If I lived anywhere near the Fayetteville NC area (where if I remember correctly, he lives), I would visit every damn strip mall and shopping mall in the entire city to seek him out and troll him IRL.

Thoughts?  Oh and I’d be slipping if I didn’t suggest the best way to shrink his profile would be to eat a damn salad every once and a while.