He may or may not be mall security:

Pure gold as always.  Naturally he’s always doing that slide-to-the-eye CAR position.  I bet most people who don’t practice much with this, end up trying it out in an actual high stress situation and the first recoil of the slide wacks them in the eye area.

This guy wants to be a in a gunfight so bad.  For his sake, if it ever happens I hope it’s clear cut indisputable self defense because to use a term I use a lot on Instagram “The prosecution will love it”… in this case meaning they would absolutely have a field day with all his blog posts, videos, instagram posts, and “advice”.

If I lived anywhere near the Fayetteville NC area (where if I remember correctly, he lives), I would visit every damn strip mall and shopping mall in the entire city to seek him out and troll him IRL.

Thoughts?  Oh and I’d be slipping if I didn’t suggest the best way to shrink his profile would be to eat a damn salad every once and a while.


This goes off the rails quickly badman ting:

Fake Jamaican accent in full effect.  “shoot him in the face” rather than center of mass I guess? bravado perpetuated.   After that is when it really goes off the rails about war, black oppression.

Hmmm thanks for the C O N T E N T brAh.



Fellas.  I know you think VODA is just a highly disciplined shooting machine.  He’s got a soft side though:

When VODA isn’t BUSSIN HEADS he’s kicking his shoes off and heating up the dance floor.  Better believe he stays strapped;  Might have to deploy ECK at any moment.

I watched this at like 6PM on Friday, and I felt like it was a good segue to the weekend.  I was all pumped because the new Kanye album came out today, but then I listened to it and it’s trash.  Also, what’s with rappers putting out short albums now?  This better not be a trend.  The Kanye one is only 23 minutes long, and Pusha T’s new album is only 21 minutes long.  Granted they are on the same label.  Probably have it all figured out honestly… release shorter albums more often to keep your name out there.  Anyways I know like 3% or less of you guys care about rap so I’ll stop my rant now.

One last VODA note… the shirt only buttoned at the top is blatant cultural appropriation, but I’ll let it slide this time.



This guy.  Such a dumpster fire of information:

The “Headbussa drill ™️”.  Oh shit, can I even write that without owing him royalties? haha lets goooooooooo

He’s at some battleworn looking range in Atlanta which they apparently “sectioned off” for him (Hmmmm I don’t know….).  Robert Kelly slow jams in the background as usual.  Aspect ratio messed up as usual.

Ok apparently head shots are the new center of mass for self defense?  So this headbussa drill is ALL ROUNDS GO IN THE HEAD.

2:29 – “So I missed 5 shots”.  Uh yea, exactly because you were shooting at the smallest part of the target you idiot.  At least he acknowledges it’s not a good thing in real life.

Thoughts?  All in all the video is just exactly what you’d expect.


Showing us all how observant and tactically proficient his mind is.  This is such pure gold, I literally can’t even:

Ok I’m pissed off IMMEDIATELY because he’s tarnishing the good memory of 2Pac by using the Hail Mary instrumental.  Also… “clearing this structure” “never been on this particular site before” dude you went to a construction site after the workers left and played around in the dark, don’t try to make it out to be something superior, like this is some sort of custom built VODA shoot house training facility.

4:03 – In the span of the next twenty seconds he talks about “slicing the pie”, “gathering data”, and “busting another 45 (degree turn)”.

I hate to break it to you buddy, but walking around with a flashlight completely removes the element of surprise.  He’s acting like these fictitious characters he’s going to engage in are going to be sitting around like in video games, unaware of whats going on when they see a window or a wall light up.

6:00 – Talks about how the portapottys give him cover, and he can fire at guys on the rooftops if need be.

13:53 – “I didn’t break the plane.  It may look like that on camera but I didn’t break the plane.”  Ok…. 👍 I’m surprised he didn’t get up on a lift after that to “get a better vantage point to get kills”, and proceed to drive it around the warehouse. 😂

“Watching the glass looking for shadows”.  He keeps saying that.  Sounds like the name of indie rock album he has in the works.

Such solid entertainment.  This guy is more awesome than I initially thought.  He’s definitely the the top 5 people in the industry I’d like to someday meet.

Thoughts?  You learning a lot from VODA or what?  haha oh and I love how he TM’s the phrase “Civilian Operator” in the title.  This guy is living a Counterstrike / Call Of Duty fantasy life, and it’s incredibly amazing.  Do you king… Do you.


VODA on his Fat Joe, Terror Squad shit… still at his auntie’s house:

0:08 – hmmm RR21 Tactical Self Defense hey?  Never heard of it.  Are they actually cool with VODA, or did he just shell out $42.90 for that sweatshirt?

Really nothing much else happens in the video.

Because I never waste an opportunity at a rap reference.  Here’s the Lean Back video I referenced:

Thoughts?  You like when VODA gets all science’y?  You like when he turns the fake Jamaican accent up to 11 like in this vid? VODA really is important to the culture.