I was holding off on my purchase until VODA weighed in:

When he said that he really thought the military should have got the contract, I was sold.

The purely organic nature of these videos, with the intro blur and the outro camera “boop” is so authentic.  I love it. I really wish I didn’t live on the other side of the country from Fayetteville NC… being this far away from Brandon (theAKguy), VODA, and J Cole really annoys me.

PART II, where he bullshits for a bit then shoots the Glock 19X:

1:52 – HOLY 😲😲😲 WTF.  That’s like top 5 most dangerously stupid things I’ve ever seen anyone do at a shooting range.  Wow.  Laughs all around though… yikes.

Wow what a thorough review – Conclusion: “To me it feel the same to me as any other Glock.  So, it is what it is.  Bye bye.”


He’s an authority on this topic guys:

heh this guy.  The Fakemaican accent fades in and out throughout the video, so that’s always a bonus.

For some added humor in this post, if you follow VODA you’ll notice that he’s been rocking RR21 shirts a lot lately.  I hadn’t heard of them before VODA, but I just naturally assumed for whatever reason they were on board with VODAs brand.  WRONG:

That comment was left on a post on @VODA_DOES. As you can see, RR21 says they have nothing to do with VODA, and want nothing to do with him period.  I wonder if they’ll reach out to him to do a t-shirt buyback and tell him to keep their name out of his mouth? 😂😂😂



Yikes, guys… BIG YIKES:

“Working on shooting mechanics” is what he calls the video.  It’s basically 17 minutes of him trying to impress those two ladies, all while having them “shoot” him with the laser trainers.  He has a real handgun he points at them during all of this because he’s a professional.

2:58 – Talking about how “science” says anything you can’t see doesn’t actually exist until you see it.  He was definitely proud of that one because he knew it would make them think “whoa this guy is incredibly intelligent…”.

He gets into a lot more advanced stuff which is just way too much for a beginner shooter.  At 10:04 he even asks the one lady if she’s comfortable and she say “eeeeeeh so so” because obviously she isn’t…  but whatever this isn’t important it’s all about flexing his knowledge.

11:34 – oh man I burst out laughing when he was like like “I just come over Ahhhh YEsssss yeeSSssss” like a tactical Jafar.  Then the tactical mic drop moment at 12:08 where he confidently slams the gun back into the kydex.

12:50 – LOL same voice “You will trust that your weapon system will work.  It IS your guardian angel yes?”

13:24 – “no no no no no… Relax.. you’re fighting it.  Remember we just talked about it right?”   VODA… smh… I’m sure you say that you ALL the girls.

15:54 – “by aggressively moving forward on him… if that means putting the gun to his chest and blowing his heart out that, you do it.  Because he’s not expecting that.  For him it’s an opportunity, for you it’s life or death.  Make him pay.”  Yikes… the prosecution will love that one.  Then of course he gets them to push the gun against his chest too.

I can’t believe how invested is his own bullshit VODA is.  It’s incredible.  I NEED to take one of his classes undercover-style… I say undercover because I’m pretty sure if he knew it was me taking the class, there’d be an unfortunate negligent discharge.



Soooo high-speed:

Please sir may I have another?  Ugggggggh where does VODA get these guys to “collab” with him on a video?  Is like they don’t have internet access or google.

I wonder who’s going to recognize that range and get them banned? haha

The RR21 guy’s shirt you can see at 0:02 seconds in is from ICE-T’s group Body Count.  The group is cool, even though the prosecution LOVES that sort of thing if you were to be involved in a self defense shooting haha.  Here’s the music video for the song “Talk Shit, Get Shot” featuring those lyrics on the back of the shirt:



“It’s a psychological ting” (dudes be like “Mike put that on a shirt!” haha):

According to the title he felt he had to “Re-articulate” the original Shadow Carry explanation.  I’m just thrilled to be born in the same century as this though leader.  Imagine explaining VODA content to your grandchildren, and them explaining it to theirs… stuff gets lost after generations.  Those that are HERE, NOW are the ones truly benefiting.

3:01 – Starts talking about Shadow Carry limitations.  *my shocked face… there are limitations? 😲* “Sitting in your car…. that’s a problem.”

4:55 – WHAAAAAAT? VODA made a book for the teens?  Since that’s my demographic I’m surprised I didn’t already know.  Parent’s guide too?.. pass.

VODA and I could definitely drinks some beers together on a porch somewhere, or by the ocean, and just blast R&B certified heaters.  That sounds like a good time honestly… I’d be able to pick his brain about the books, the content, and the non-stop TM’ing.  That’s more the type of meet-up I’m interested in rather than such a robotic engagement like SHOT Show everyone goes to.  I might regret that next time I’m out getting beer flights with my Girlfriend and I a post an absolutely sauced IG story where I’m like “PULL UP 🚗💨💨💨” with location tag, we’ll see.  I used to post a lot more person stuff on the ‘gram, because I thought people might care.  Spoiler alert: most don’t.  No one gives a shit that I’m back at Disneyland for the 59th time this year, or wants to see a picture of a croissant I just got on my 9th trip to Paris.  Flagrant flexes like that lose followers and alienate people.  If I ever write a book, that’s what I should call it.. “How to Lose Followers And Alienate People” maybe the Sheepdog Fan fiction I keep talking about compiling.  Did you hear that Usher track at the end of VODA’s video? Superstar.  Flames.  I’m going to be bumpin the Confessions album now for the next few days.



The “Inverted Clearing Option” or ICO as he dubs it:

Man VODA is high speed.  So knowledgeable too.. just when I think the industry isn’t at a standstill he’s TM’ing terms and inventing methods.  Inspirational.  One of the great shooting minds of our time.

0:01 – Talking about how he had a brief conversation with Shoothouse P (Sonny Puzikas)… actually he just was speaking about malfunctions on a live feed… not to VODA.  BUT WHATEVER GUYS that’s not the point 😂 says VODA.  They he continues on to say “We were discussing…”. Um sorry swEatie?

2:40 – He’s still inside his house, but decides to transition to demonstrating with live rounds… lets see how this pans out.  I’m not sure why a snap cap wouldn’t have worked *shrug* but here we are.

5:24 – When the words “and I press the trigger” were coming out of his mouth I cringe-flinched because I was still imagining a live round in play.

6:17 – He big-ups Shoothouse P again, like they are bros, and how they “knowledge transfer”.  Sure buddy.

Thoughts?  What’s it going to take for VODA to be taken more seriously in this industry?  Is he going to have to negligently shoot someone to fast track this success or what?