This is funny:

Ok ok I’ll say that was funny and well done.  April fools day in general though I find to be the cringiest day of the year.  I say this because even the most white bread companies are like “we should go viral” so they make some “neva bin done befo” derp up which isn’t funny most of the time.  Naturally a good percentage of the viewers don’t even understand the concept of April fool’s day, or remember it happens once a year so those companies get a bunch of phone calls and emails etc..

ahaha the top comment on the video is “Are you planning for one designed for selfies?” -jbmotter

Thoughts?  Do you like April fools day, or do you find in general it’s played out as well?

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haha this video tho:

sammy-davis-jrNom nom nom haha.  I’ve heard good things about their stuff.

Their YouTube channel wasn’t on my radar until I exchanged emails with an ENDO Customer / Vortex employee recently and checked it out.  Sadly there aren’t more videos of animals eating their products.  I was holding my breath for a crazy shark video, or a honey badger massacring a scope.



Made by some kids at the University of Nottingham in the UK:

Pretty risky move in the UK.  Observe at 1:47 when the crazed smoke ring gunman lets loose.

I purpose filling the box with a mixture of concentrated cigarette smoke and farts, and essentially firing cancer and stink directly at enemy lungs.

The University of Nottingham is in the hometown of Heckler & Koch.  If HK made a smoke ring vortex cannon they would only sell it to law enforcement for copious amounts of money, and scoff at the civilian market worldwide.

You can check out this bigger, more grown up version of the Cannon with a guy that’s just a bit more excited than he should be.


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Rifling on the inside of the neck of a beer bottle?  Sure why not…

Miller came out with this new “Vortex” bottle to try and boost sales according to an article at Brandweek.

I have my doubts that it will make Miller Lite taste any better.. but I definitely will buy a 6 pack at least just to try the cool bottles.  “Mission Accomplished” is what Miller’s marketing team would be saying right now if they read this.

If any companies outside of firearm manufacturers want to win my heart, combining something firearm related with your product is a sure bet.

I wish Miller would have played off the gun idea though.. but I guess there are too many negative connotations associated with putting something “rifled” in your mouth, or even the popular term, “to shotgun a beer”.

You can visit the Miller Lite website HERE, although there is surprisingly no information on this new bottle.  Some of the commercials they have online are pretty funny though.