NAWWWWWWWWWWT.  Chuck Norris thinks you should though:

chuck-norris-002Well his heart and belt buckle are in the right place.

Denim from head to toe is such a dad move.  You won’t ever catch me throwing in the towl on coolness by doing that.

Head over to the Trigger The Vote website if you care to register.



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I hate the term NSFW, but if you work around kids then you probably shouldn’t watch this until you get home:

Telling us how it is in her usually sassy way.

The gun stuff starts at 2:04.  hahaha good choice of “gun owner” pictures. *smh*

Get a firearm license so you can vote, *shrug* sounds good to me.

Interesting, she’s not married to Jimmy Kimmel anymore… now it’s some other comedian, “Kyle Dunnigan”.  I looked him up on YouTube… decently funny guy.


Hat tip: Rick, Scott


I could have done with the first minute of the commercial… but I guess it sets up the last half for people that aren’t familiar with the gunny.

You might remember the Trigger The Vote – Chuck Norris ad from 2010.  It was quite a bit funnier than this one.

You can read more about Trigger The Vote – HERE



Disappointing news for gun owners in Canada. Great news for criminals who prefer to see millions of dollars vanish into thin air rather than go towards hiring more police.

Full story – HERE



Hilarious! I don’t think they could have shoehorned another stereotype in there if they tried.

TriggerTheVote.Org is the site the NRA is promoting.


Another heads up for all you Californians who read the blog…

Wednesday May 12, the Assembly Appropriations Committee passed Assembly Bill 1934.  AB1934 now heads to the floor of the Assembly for consideration.

Source: NRA-ILA

Not good guys… Not good.

It’s your last chance to contact your Assembly Member and urge them to oppose the Bill.

A reader and frequent commenter Bryce who is a resident of California notified me that they are definitely trying to sneak this one in.  He says there is NO COVERAGE whatsoever on the local news stations. Very troubling.

Hat Tip: Bryce