walking dead

All contained in this trailer for Death Stranding:

death-stranding-coverPeople are freaking out over this, seemingly due to the game developer Kojima.  The trailer is obviously very cryptic, and not much additional information seems to be available on the internet.

Always nice to see the Old Fat White Guy demographic represented so strongly.  I can tell that guy is a major player in the game.

Speaking of Daryl, man The Walking Dead is such a steaming pile of shit now I can’t even believe it.  My girlfriend watches it, and I just sit there looking down at my phone barely paying attention.


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SMFH This:


After seeing this picture blow up on Instagram and Facebook it’s incredible how many people don’t get the joke haha.  Good stuff.


Oh shit, he snapped on this one:

Zombie-at-Tiffanys-t-shirtNot just “a” gun… dude went full on neckbeard derp zombie prepper.  Looks like he got some of his shooting / gun handling skills straight from the show too.

On a related note, I watched the season finale with my girlfriend this morning.  Not bad… not bad. Who had their head smashed in with the bat?!  I guess we’ll find out in 6 months or whenever that new season starts.


Gat tip: Kev


I’m sure this is gripping:

The-Walking-Dead-Zombies-Maglite-Flashlight-Handgun-Silencer-SuppressorI’m almost a full season behind because I injured my eye by rolling it watching season 4. I didn’t watch this trailer because I don’t want to spoil the suspense, but I hear people are excited about season 5. You can watch the trailer at your own risk and form your own opinion.


Nice to see an actor who can actually shoot:

The-Walking-Dead-AMC-ZombiesHEADSHOTS ALL DAY with this guy.  I suddenly like his character on the show a bit more.

Thoughts?  Would operate with Merle?

Hat tip: Cargosquid


I never was into Zombies, and now I’m really over them.  This will save you some time if you were thinking of watching the first 3 seasons:

I’d like to pretend I have way better things to do than waste my time watching anymore of The Walking Dead… but the truth is I really don’t so I’ll keep watching it no matter how many derpy plot twists, surprise new characters, loudeners they add to their firearms, etc…

The-Walking-Dead-AMC-ZombiesSeason 4 started up tonight on AMC in case you didn’t already know.

Thoughts?  Have you given up on this series yet or are you happy its back up and running?