walking dead

Looks like it should be good:

Come to think of it, I don’t even know for sure if I finished season 3… I’ll have to go back and check.  I don’t recognize some of those characters that’s for sure.  Good to see they got D’Angelo Barksdale from the wire… I like that guy.  They already had Cutty in the mix! I’m holding out for Stringer Bell… dude was badass.

The-Walking-Dead-AMC-ZombiesThe show is turning into a real soap opera that’s for sure.  All these kinds of shows do that eventually though.

The first episode of Season 4 will premiere Sunday October 13.



This is amazing:


“You never seen a classic pimp walk before?  It’s called swag son, get a look at it.”

Absolutely perfect.  Argh I’m so behind of episodes… I need some spare time to get caught up soon.


AMC apparently doesn’t play around when it comes to the boxing of their Walking Dead Blu-Ray Sets (after season 1 anyway):

This is what Season 2’s Blu-Ray set looks like:


Pretty cool right?  Well Season 3’s will blow your mind…


The set features a replica of the Govenors creepy-as-hell aquariums with walker heads in them.  You can even arrange the heads in any order you want and fill up the aquariums with water.  You’re going to have to hit up Craigslist though to get a moody black girl to break into your apartment with a sword to mess your tank up.  She’s probably going to want extra if you want her to stab you… I’ve heard that normally goes for extra anyway *shifty eyes*.  According to the AMC Walking Dead Blog they plan on releasing this 3rd season set later on in the year, presumably once the season is over.

I didn’t even realize The Walking Dead started up again!  “The Suicide King” was a new episode that aired this past Sunday, which you can watch on Amazon or on the AMC website for free.  I need to check that out soon.



Weapons used and kill counts compared:


2.5 seasons worth of kills, check out the full infographic over at the National Post.  Worth looking through if you watch the show.

If you need to get caught up, the episodes are up on Amazon for $2 each if you can’t get them for free anywhere.  It’s a good chance to get caught up considering the show is on a mid-season break until February 10th 2013.


“The gay mad scientist” is my new favorite MrColionNoir created nick name:

I wish the Walking Dead directors would hire MrColionNoir to do a commentary for the episodes on the DVD release.  That would be priceless.

This definitely seemed like a transitional episode.  I’m hoping the next one will be more action packed.

If you’re behind on Walking Dead episodes you can catch up at Amazon.



Another astute/hilarious review from MrColionNoir.  LOL at the moment for T-dogg, and the “black man quota”. Priceless…

I’m with MrColionNoir on the fact that the compound parts of the show have been boring.

If you’re behind on Walking Dead episodes you can catch up at Amazon.

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